It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Now that it's December, I wanted to put up some Christmas decorations. Our decorations were semi-sorted into three groups. First was anything we have bought since we moved into the house. That stuff was stashed in the guest room closet. Next were the larger items that had been stored in the RV, things that wouldn't fit into the red or green totes bought just for Christmas items. Third was, obviously, the red or green totes.

Well, that was the plan and we all know about Murphy and his laws. I found one red and one green tote, unpacked them and uh-oh, a major portion of our ornaments were missing (including a similar to this stuffed Christmas tree that I bought specifically for the RV).

I suspect they are buried in one of the dozens of totes stacked in the garage. So I settled for the new decorations and things I recently bought online (like these great pillows tossed on the sofa and the ceramic lighted Christmas tree I found at Kohl's online for under $30 but got free with Kohl's cash). The runner came from the Dollar Store (along with a few things in the kitchen) and the handmade creche scene was bought from a new local friend.

Here is the tree lit up - I've wanted one since my twenties....and now I have one and love it.

We have red bows on the mailbox, a giant reindeer head in the kitchen, a giant Santa hat on the front door and few other miscellaneous things scattered around.

I haven't started baking Christmas cookies yet, that will be later next week, after we get back from out final-for-this-year Dollywood visit. But I did bake a nice loaf of Blueberry Banana Nut Bread. Yum!

We plan on peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, with the peanut butter stored in separate tins in case anyone has a nut allergy. They'll go to our mailman, our vet's office and our doggy daycare/grooming/boarding folks.

We got a little snow today - enough to dust the deck (more arrived after dark) and encourage the dogs to lick it up. They are loving the cool weather, staying outside playing most of the day.

Tonight they proved there was more than a light dusting outside in the yard....LOL!


  1. It's amazing how 'organized' one tries to be, yet things still happen. Especially with Christmas deco ;) I love that light-up tree! I haven't seen one of those in years.

    1. Thanks...I found the tree online at Kohl's for a great price. Just wish it were a plug-in and not battery, thank goodness I have rechargeable batteries! LOL!


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