Fantastic couple of days!

Monday, October 23, 2017

We've been busy the last couple of days. Last weekend I escorted some friends out to our property to stay for a few days. We met them years ago but hadn't run into them again. They got wind of our property for sale and after a fair amount of research wanted to see it and visit the area.

Stu got home on Tuesday, we got caught up on things on Wednesday (like laundry...LOL). Thursday, Stu took some folks from PA out to see the property and he got to meet and chat with the first folks. When done, he visited with our neighbors.

Thursday afternoon we had our friends over for a late lunch/early dinner. A simple meal, burgers - potato salad - chips. They brought several bottles of wine. One from their home area as a gift, and several others from local wineries they had visited this week. While we are more beer people, they managed to find some we both liked. By the time the evening was done, three bottles of wine were done as well.

Friday morning Murphy went to his second vet appointment. He had gained weight to 25.5# - WOW! He now weighs more than Cooper did at the same age. But he is definitely finer boned and has the more almond eyes of the Collie as well as the longer nose. Cooper wins in paw size with his bear paws.

We had made plans to meet our friends that afternoon to visit the local Mennonite community, Muddy Pond, just down the street from us. What a great afternoon. We visited several stores, bought a few things (some delicious cinnamon raisin bread that became French Toast this morning, cinnamon buns that were yummy and a sweet pepper relish that is very reminiscent of my grandmother's picalilli relish from growing up in New England). We had a wonderful lunch at The Country Porch. Here are a few photos - there are more in our SmugMug album.

These two signs welcomed up on our first stop at the Muddy Pond Variety Store.

Inside and out, there was, as the name told us, a wide variety of items. We all loved roaming the store.

Outside, I had to snap a couple of flower photos.

From there we continued on to the Muddy Pond General Store. They had a nice deli, a lot of baked goods, but we all fell in love with the rocking chairs.

From there we browsed the neighboring leather shop (there are three, we only visited one this time around).

Getting hungry we moved up the road to The Country Porch where we had lunch. Delicious sandwiches, free WiFi, too. A wide variety of items for sale. This is where we got the items I mentioned above. They had tables and chairs outside and we sat there for a bit after rescuing our friends' pup who decided to vacate their vehicle unexpectedly.

We came back to the house and chatted some more - and the big news - they are purchasing our property. Well, we broke the wine back out and enjoyed a couple more hours of getting to know each other better.

Saturday was another day of perfect weather and we took a nice motorcycle ride up to Jamestown for breakfast at the West End Diner. From there we headed home, we were expecting overnight company and I wanted to clean up the house a bit. We had another enjoyable evening getting caught up on her latest news and all crashed early. Sunday morning Stu made French Toast with the cinnamon raisin bread we had bought - thick slices of heaven! We will be getting more for sure.

So all in all, a great week! Good thing we got out and enjoyed the weather - this is what is headed our way. Eeek! Stu is going to winterize the RV in the next couple of days out of necessity.

Ciao for now!


  1. OMG a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on selling your property on your own without a realtor, you go girl!
    Sounds to me like you have settled in very well to your new home, new pups and bet you are glad to have Stu back home. Good news all the way around for sure.

    1. Definitely great news all the way around - and just in time for this cold spell. But the pups are loving it. LOL!


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