One Week Post Cataract Surgery

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's been busy since we last posted. Thursday we visited the mall where, at Books-a-Million, we discovered that what is old is now new. Wow!


We also discovered the big stuffed animals that kids can rent for riding around the mall, aren't just for kids!

We took in a movie, "Snatched", and loved it. Definite for adults only (R-rated) but a hoot! We both laughed out loud several times. But if you get offended easily, pass it by. ;) We capped off the day by having dinner with our Thursday night friends. Delicious Japanese Hibachi Grill...YUM!

We had a fun Friday last week, taking on a last minute babysitting request for little Waverly. She will be three next month and we enjoyed our afternoon with her. After breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where she devoured pancakes like a pro, we headed over to a local park. She was familiar with it since her mom, Stu's youngest girl, takes her there often. Here are a couple of photos...



Three hours later, we headed back to the rig for a little TV and a two hour nap...

The weekend turned nasty, for the most part, with a lot of rain. We stayed in and watched recorded movies on the TV. Nice to be able to do that!

Yesterday was my one week post-op cataract surgery checkup for my left eye. I'm happy to report the surgery is officially deemed a success with 20/20 vision! Now on to the right eye, scheduled on June 12th. Because my right eye is so nearsighted, there is a good chance I won't get to 20/20 but it will still be a dramatic improvement.

I will still need glasses for distance to correct the astigmatism in both eyes and will go with progressive lenses, as I have since my 40's, to take care of needing readers. As it stands now, I will be getting those back in Tennessee.

I'm still on restriction from over-exertion and lifting anything weighing more than 15-20 pounds. I have to wear the eye patch for another week and I'm still using eye drops, although less often. The drops will continue until my next surgery - and of course, I start the drops in the right eye three days before surgery. So we will be double-dropping my eyes. LOL! Sorry, somehow that struck me as funny.

The eye patch - that's another story. You may remember the clear patch being taped to my face from my previous post. I tried that for a couple nights and the tape was really irritating my skin. So I ordered this cute little eye mask to try. The first night I just slipped the patch underneath. No go - it was lost in the bed the next morning. I tried taping just the top under the mask and ended up with a bruise on my cheekbone from the pressure. So the next night I tape it over the mask. The goal is to keep me from accidentally rubbing my eye. This worked well!!!

Stu is off on the motorcycle. He had to take it in to Annapolis Harley to get the switch for the reverse motor installed. Somehow it got replaced with a dummy switch and we've had no reverse since Florida. The dealer there is covering all the costs, so we're happy.

We plan on a movie this Thursday and dinner with our friends. If the weather holds, I may brave a motorcycle ride with my fitovers...been too long!

Ciao for now!


  1. Giant stuffed animals you can ride around the mall? Sign me up!

    I think it's amazing that they can take care of cataracts and improve your vision at the same time. Congrats on your 20/20 result. That's awesome!

    1. Looks like fun, doesn't it! LOL!

      I'm impressed with the cataract procedure...and very happy!

  2. What is it about little girls and pancakes. Our 7 y/o granddaughter devoured them too. Love the sleeping position.

  3. She played so hard and kept chatting to avoid falling asleep. Didn't work...LOL!


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