Doodle is as Doodle does!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

We love our Doods, we LOVE our Doods, WE LOVE OUR DOODS...

To be repeated after:

They will outgrow it, they WILL outgrow it, THEY WILL OUTGROW IT...

Let's see, after a month of pretty good behavior, in the last three days one or the other has (guess who for each one):
  1. Countersurfed and scored a Mini-Moo Half & Half
  2. Ate the three wisemen, one shepherd and the cow from my new clay manger set (fortunately the gal I got this from will be making me new pieces for next year)
  3. Chewed a hole completely through the bed in their crate
Here are a few photos....LOL!

  1. Cooper
  2. Murphy
  3. BOTH Doods!!
Ciao for now!


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