Second Cataract Surgery

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

For those who have been following along, I got my left eye cataract surgery done a month ago and got my right eye done this past Monday. While it was the same surgery (with a different strength lens implant), there were some differences.

First difference, the left eye was an afternoon surgery. This one had us at the medical center by 6:30 am and it's an hour drive! Way too early for me...yes, that's a sunrise. I don't see many of those...LOL!

With the first surgery, I was aware of going into the OR area, being prepped, having some discomfort, getting the drape pulled off (the anesthesiologist says everyone remembers that), eating/drinking my snack and walking out to the truck.

Not so this time around. In my discussion with the anesthesiologist (a different one, and my nurses were different as well - they seem to rotate), I mentioned the pain I had. He asked if I had said anything and I said no since I didn't want to move my face. He told me if I had any discomfort, speak up, it's okay! We had a nice chat while he mixed up my "cocktail". He injected it into my IV and BOOM! That's pretty much the last thing I remember clearly until I was eating at Denny's. Yes, I am definitely woozy.

You'll notice I've got a sweatshirt over my shoulders. I don't remember that. I don't remember going into the OR, the drape being ripped off, chatting with Stu while eating my snack. I don't even remember being unstable and getting taken to the truck in a wheelchair. LOL! The cocktail did the trick...I slept most of the way home after eating and I slept most of the rest of the day (off & on).

I had my one day checkup yesterday and everything looked good. My right eye was my extremely near-sighted eye, so I knew there would be differences. It's not clearing as quickly as the left and things have a yellow cast to them. I told the doctor and he wasn't concerned. I am still amazed at the crispness and sharpness of things with my left eye.

The biggest issue is now being very far-sighted, something I'm not used to. I can't see the kitchen counter clearly. I can't even see the toothbrush when applying toothpaste. LOL! Because my right eye was done last, I was wearing my old glasses with just the right lens. Now I have taken over every pair of reading glasses that Stu used before he got prescription glasses.

I have my one week checkup next Monday and will get my final instructions on the eye drops. I am still using the Prednisone drops in the left eye, but have stopped the other two. I continue to use Soothe artificial tear drops several times a day in both eyes. It really helps with the first week after surgery of irritated feeling in the eye, plus I suffer from very dry eyes under normal conditions.

So, I can see distance beautifully and will be able to drive to Florida. But I need to always keep reading glasses handy or I'm in trouble. I have one pair on an eyeglass cord...funny to be out wearing two pairs of glasses on cords - at the same time! One for my fitover sunglasses and one for my reading glasses. I look forward to getting my final prescription glasses next month. I have an appointment on July 12th with an opthamologist in Cookeville.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the entire procedure. Now to deal with two weeks of wearing my night patch, no exertion and no lifting. Ahhh, it's a tough life - NOT!

Ciao for now!


  1. Lady I need that stuff for all those nights I have insomnia. By any chance you didn't sneak any out did you?

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your details are fantastic. Since I'm getting mine done on July 11 and 18, it really helps. Keep posting.

    1. I'm glad if I helped in any way...I know I was excited but terrified before my first eye was done. Good luck with your surgeries!!

  3. Sounds like a great success. Congratulations! Sight is such a precious thing and good sight is a dream for any of us who have anything otherwise. Having doctors mess with my eyes would make me uneasy, but I guess they usually know what they're doing.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. I was so terrified before the first surgery but knew I had one of the top doctors in the country and that helped. That and IV sedation...LOL!


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