9/22/2017: Celebrate the Small Things

Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's Friday and time to post my Celebrate the Small Things on this blog.

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My small things for this past week, some not so small, but all great!

Late this week (but dating it yesterday). Been BUSY!!!

Stu spent the week getting ready to head out on the motorcycle for three weeks. He has several firefighter events to attend and since he hadn't done a long motorcycle ride, I encouraged him to go enjoy! We might have both gone but I have an author event the same day as one of his events. Oops! Besides getting his gear ready, he also did a lot of little things around the house so I didn't have to deal with them - just the dog (that's enough). Cooper helped him prepare on the morning he left!

I've had a lot of busy time, too. First was getting my long awaited wedding ring tattoo. While I absolutely LOVE our gold Celtic wedding rings, mine has gotten too small. Due to the pattern, it can't be enlarged (it was stretched once already. Last summer, we camped with motorcycle friends from Canada and they both had ring tattoos, each different to represent their spouse. I had considered getting one more tattoo, a double heart on the inside of my write, but never got around to it. So, that is my wedding ring tattoo! It's still healing but I love it.

But had that's not all, I just put Almost a Touch, the long awaited third book in my Klondike mystery series. Yippee!! I still have some edits to do in the next couple of days, but on October first, it will be LIVE! Hoping for a lot of pre-orders....[hint, hint]

GREAT week, hope yours was the same.

Ciao for now!


  1. Will sure get the latest book. Read Paradise Dead a few days ago.

    Sometimes its the small things that really count.

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. If you enjoyed it, hope you will post a review. For some reason, the first books in series always seem to get the most reviews. LOL!

  2. We have the exact same Harley trike, even the same color. We have been contemplating the retire, by an RV and travel idea for a year now. Not sure if it will be a 5th wheel or RV, but we have less than 2 years to complete the task before retirement. We have my husbands Harley and I have a shiny red Vespa. Your blog was inspiring, I am glad I found it, and quite by mistake. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Susan! I'm glad you found us, too. Mistakes can be good...LOL! I miss my two wheels but knew it was time. Hope you keep visiting!

  4. Looks like Stu will have a lot of fun. Enjoy your author event!


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