How did it become December already?

Saturday, December 2, 2017

I turned around and suddenly it was December? Where did the rest of the year go? How did this happen? LOL! Life continues on here...just to show you how exciting things have been, here is a partial list of what we've been up to lately.
  • Stu finished winterizing the RV, well, except for our washing machine. So we continue to run the electric heat pump, keeping it 55 inside. He also winterized the washing machine stored in the barn (for his eventual pole barn)
  • Stu put fuel stabilizer in the lawn tractor, lawn mower and Freddie.
  • Stu started putting an insulation blanket around our water heater (under the house) and insulation wrap around all the pipes. He ran out of material so hopefully will finish it on Tuesday before the REALLY cold weather moves in next week.
  • We took advantage of the great sales, mostly online. Stu got some tools, I got some decorations as well as clothes and a few other things.
  • Stu hung a few outside decorations - red bows on the mailbox, Santa caps on the outside lights and stockings on the porch railing. That's pretty much the extent of what we will do outside this year.
  • Entertained friends at home and were then entertained at their home.
  • Cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home.
  • We went to Dollywood with friends and plan to go back again the middle of December. The decorations are always so great!
  • Went to a couple of movies, took the pups to doggy day care for play and grooming.
  • Went grocery shopping, did laundry (lots of laundry), cleaned house - all the usual stuff.
  • Cleaning nose prints off the front and back doors!!!
See? Not much exciting in our lives. The biggest thing has been to prepare for the winter weather. Here is our forecast for next week. Eeep!

The weather for the last week has been beautiful, mostly sunny which made it feel much warmer than the 60-65 degrees the thermometer read. The pups spend most of their day outside, playing, especially enjoying it when Stu is in the shed (converted to a woodworking shop).

Here's a little video I shot when Stu was out winterizing the lawn tractor and lawn mower.

We did get out for a short motorcycle ride and stopped in for lunch at Mac's Diner in Jamestown. What a treat! We will be back, good food, reasonable prices and a fascinating owner to chat with. You can see more photos here.

They have started work on the property across the street from us. We heard rumors they were putting in an RV site but we're not positive. Time will tell. In the meantime, I am enjoying our late fall/early winter sunset view. I'm afraid we may be losing it next year.

The #2doods enjoying watching them out the front door while they work. Or maybe they're waiting for mail delivery...LOL!

Murphy is in a growth spurt, his legs getting longer. We will get them weighed on Monday at the doggy daycare/grooming. They still eat separately but Murphy has good manners about it, even when he finishes first.

Now for a little fun. If you have an iPhone/iPad with Siri or one of the devices like the Amazon Alexa - ask them what they want for Christmas. Here is what Siri told me....

Ciao for now!


  1. I would have to lose that view across the street. Yup as homeowners again chores do change, right?

    1. Being a homeowner does change things, but I have to admit, I am loving it!

  2. Love the pictures :) Sounds like you guys are ready for cooler temps to hit. I need to go haul in some firewood really quick before the clouds move in this evening. Stay warm!

    1. When my late husband and I lived in PA, we heated with wood. That has to be the coziest heat there is!


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