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Sunday, January 24, 2010

We woke to a perfect morning - crisp, clear and sunny. At 10:00 we headed out to Los Algodones, Mexico with our friends Dave & Renee and Gar & Jan. We all are Harley folks although not everyone is riding right now. Since we are all full-timers as well, there was always something to talk about.

We rode with Dave & Renee in their Jeep and Gar & Jan followed in their convertible. We are all staying on the east side of Yuma and the border into Los Algodones is on the west. Traffic was light and we zipped along, quickly arriving at our destination.

The parking lot was all but empty...not sure if this is a sign of the times or just a normal Sunday. We walked across together and as usual, Stu managed to make just the perfect pose for us...LOL! I couldn't resist take a shot of this "bull" on the back of a pickup truck.

From there we split up to roam, sightsee and run various errands. Jan & Gar needed to get meds, Renee & Dave were looking for salsa dishes and we were just looking. We planned to meet back in 90 minutes for some lunch.

Lunch was at El Parisio where we all had drinks (ranging from local beers to the requisite Marguerita). Good food, table in the sun, clean restrooms, and great conversation. I think we all enjoyed the day...oh, and everyone accomplished what they had set out for. (Jan & Gar are in the first photo, Renee & Dave in the second)

Here are some local shots I took...the rest are in the SmugMug album.

I had been in Algodones two years ago....a little has changed. Less jewelry, more Harley things, plastic resin fake stained glass is everywhere, less panhandlers, more aggressive vendors. There is little that is truly made by hand, the painted mailboxes (and other items) is a nice rarity. We saw several things we'd have picked up if we were building our cabin in the near future. Not now...only small things (like we picked up at the Arizona Market Place yesterday...found three old license plates that will go up in our eventual pole barn.)

We'll go back...we both liked it a little more than Progresso. Much less police presence...we saw a couple cars and two nice officers just as we entered. They wished up a good morning and smiled...very different from Progresso. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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  1. Looking forward to seeing both of you next week at the Anne Arundel Firefighters Reunion. Really enjoy following your trip. I find I keep going back to your link to Ara.

    MIKE Wiley


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