On the road again, Quartzsite tomorrow!

Friday, January 15, 2010

We've had a couple of busy days....we had a great drive from Deming, NM to our current location. We did change our destination and instead of heading to Tucson we ended up in Huachuca City, AZ. Our thought was we'd be closer to the sightseeing we wanted to do. We stayed at the Tombstone Territories RV Park, another Passport America stay. I had stayed here in 2007 and knew it was a good spot for us...LONG pull-throughs, quiet area, great for walking (which we did).

While here we've had a great day of sightseeing, another good day of catching up on chores & errands. Thus no blogging....LOL!



We took the trike out on Wednesday and headed out to visit Tombstone and Bisbee. I had been to Tombstone but not Bisbee. There were a lot of closed stores in Tombstone and needless to say the crowds weren't there. We ate at the same place I did, Big Nose Kate's. Stu tried the 1554 beer from the same brewing company of Fat Tire (that Stu tried in MT last summer). The food wasn't as good as I remember but this time around there was a singer. We really enjoyed him...Rusty was his name...and even asked if he had a CD. He did but he was out and told us to stay in touch via the restaurant's website.

We then headed out to Bisbee, the weather had warmed to the mid-60's and it was really nice. But it definitely got cooler as we headed into Bisbee and we were greatly disappointed at the number of closed shops we saw...or couldn't see. We did manage to park in front of a spot that served Moose Drool beer, so Stu was happy. LOL! We saw a little snow still on the side of the mountains...the ones that we were riding in, NOT the ones in the distance.

The next morning I woke up before sunrise and grabbed a couple of photos. Today was chore and errand day. Stu had several repair/maintenance things to do and I had to tackle the cleaning, laundry, bills, phone calls, etc. Later in the day we ran into Sierra Vista to Radio Shack & Lowe's to pick up the last things Stu needed to finish his repairs. By the time we headed back the weather system was all around us...rain, snow, rainbows and gorgeous cloud formations. We love the vista of views here.

Now we are packing up again, heading out this morning for Gila Bend and Augie's Quail Trail RV Park (I've stayed there several times). It's less than 200 miles, a nice day for us. Tomorrow we'll do the last 130 or so miles into Quartzsite with a Wal-Mart stop along the way.

Since we are packing up as I type this, I'll just post links to the photo albums:

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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  1. As I sit in Augies Quail Trail RV Park this morning reading my morning computer stuff I read this! Then I look out the window and there you are! But, I don't think you are up yet. Do we take a chance?

    Linda Sand


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