Where did the warm weather go?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We left the Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale a little later than we had hoped but at least the sun was shining. For whatever reason the day ended up being long...might have been the late lunch stop at a truck stop mixed with the constant rest areas "I gotta go" stops and topped off with the longest one at Cabela's in Baton Rouge. LOL!

We had hoped that the Cabela's there might have overnight spots with hookups but they didn't, we didn't want to backtrack to the KOA on I-12 (we had already done that bypassing New Orleans on I-12 and backtracking on I-10 to Cabela's) so we passed over the Mississippi and stopped at the Cajun Country Campground. It was dark, the office was closed and the park looked full (lots of workers, but looked okay). We finally found a spot, a long level pull-through. Plugged in the power and snuggled in for the night.

The weather has been going below freezing for the last three nights and that means no asphalt parking for us. Worse, the forecast calls for the same up to and possibly through the weekend...even as we continue west. We planned to spend several nights in Marathon and visit Big Bend National Park. Think we will be passing on that, only staying long enough for our mail to arrive. Looking forward to getting to southern AZ and hoping the temps there will finally warm up!

We're cutting our days shorter, only trying to do 200 or so miles and going to try to get parked well before dark.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Donna--drinking my coffee outside in the sun at 8am it is 50 degrees, sunny 70+ days, come join us. We are boondocked between Quartzsite and Bouse on Lopolmosa Rd.

  2. Another blog friend commented that almost the whole US is colder than usual, and I think he is right.

    As a non-RVer, I'm not understanding one of your statements: "The weather has been going below freezing for the last three nights and that means no asphalt parking for us." Why is that? Does it just mean that other are beating you to the paved spots?

  3. I hope you guys find warm weather soon!! I've got what is probably a stupid question but remember we are new at this...why can't you stop on asphalt when the weather is below freezing? Inquiring minds just want to know???
    Take care and travel safely.

  4. Hi Donna & Stu
    39 degrees 6 AM here in Maricopa, AZ Passport America. Shorts and tee shirt yesterday. Yes there is a country wide cold snap that is passing thru. Southern Arizona, southern California and Miami Florida and south, are the only warm areas. Propane is changed from a liquid to a gas to be burned in heaters and operate a generator. Propane when used in cold weather can cause condensation on the tank to freeze and so the higher flow of propane gas thru the regulator in an un-heated compartment can freeze up. George


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