Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

Monday, January 11, 2010

Another cold night, made it down to 12 degrees. This is our last day here and we wanted to visit a good friend of mine, Ara & his pup, Spirit. I first met Ara two years ago when I first headed out on the road. We did some riding together (I had my BMW motorcycle then) and have maintained a loose email friendship.

Ara had picked up some land just outside Big Bend National Park and not too far from the quirky town of Terlingua. He is boondocking in style....a cargo container for his valuables (you don't leave anything out when you leave your land), a tent for enjoying a little more room than the small Class C he normally travels in, and a great firepit area for cooking and conversation.

We headed into Alpine and picked up some chicken breasts, zucchini, green peppers and sweet onion. Ara was planning on firing up the pit for cooking, he already had the bread started.

The drive was about 90 minutes and we started to really get a flavor for the beauty of the area. We met Ara at the local American Legion and followed him in to his land. We spent several hours just gabbing, catching up to date, and watching our dinner cook. Ara was a professional chef and he whipped up a marinade that had our mouths watering way before the food was done. LOL!

About the time dinner was done the temperature decided to take a decided dive. We moved into the tent to eat and after dinner Ara lit the wood stove to keep up toasty.

All in all a great day, too short and a bit too cool, but still a great day for sure!! Be sure to check out Ara's journal and enjoy his gorgeous photos!

Still rolling,
Stu & Donna


  1. I like Ara's place a lot. A setup like that would do me just fine. Glad you guys are starting to warmer weather. I'm in NE Indiana and it's 21° with a wind chill of 8° and we are expecting snow showers. I've got to find a warmer place to live... Burrrr.....

  2. Head South you two! It is 81 in Chetumal right now. Check my Blog for photos!


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