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Thursday, January 21, 2010

We had a wonderful if short time in Quartzsite. Stu enjoyed it as much as I did and has come over to the dark side. Yup, we'll be getting solar installed the end of this month. We know there will be some lifestyle changes involved but we look forward to getting "out there" and boondocking. Our initial use will be a little sporadic since we already have several things booked on our calendar, but we look forward to using quite a bit as we travel AZ, UT, CO, WY, MT this spring and summer.

We made a couple of purchases while at Q, one is a telescoping flag pole for the American flag. It comes with the attachments for an additional flag but we're not sure what that one will be. We've talked about a TN state flag (our future home sometime in the next 5-10 years or so), something related to firefighting or something patriotic. Time will tell. We also ordered a solar light ring for the pole.

We looked at getting a DirecTV HD setup for KaZy (she deserves it...LOL!). After getting Blu-Ray we quickly got spoiled. We found a good price at the show and turns out the dealer has a store in Yuma. We're going to see about getting that set up as well.

One other thing we looked at were LED light bulbs, both for our rig and for our friend Ara. The bulb we needed was completely out of stock at all the vendors, the bulb that Ara needed was pretty pricey. BUT we found one vendor who sells here in Yuma at the Marketplace (Flea Market). He told us the bulb we want is cheaper there than he was selling it at Q....AND if we got the bulbs Ara needs as well, he'll discount the whole thing. So guess we'll be going by there this weekend.

We finally left Q this afternoon and headed to Yuma, just ahead of the bad weather. The wind was picking up and heavy rain storms are in the forecast. We'd rather be in a paved area with full hookups right now, didn't want to get stuck in the desert. That's the good thing about RVing....don't like the weather? Pack up and move! Don't like the view? Pack up and move! Don't like the neighbors? Yup, pack up and move....

The RV lots here are VERY nice....and the neighbors are terrific. Most come for the season and repeat every year and I can see why. We met up with our friends Dave & Renee, they are the ones that told us about the lot rental. We had met them in Gillette, WY at the Escapade where Stu & I met. Going to be fun to spend a little time with them. They may be headed to Kansas next week to pick up their brand new New Horizons fifth wheel.

We also have a friend that I have known for 7-8 years that is within walking distance of our lot. I look forward to seeing them again as well. They sold their ranch in WY and went full-time. Last time I saw them was at the Escapade as well. They had a rough year so I'm hoping that is changing for them now.

Well, the rain has settled in....but we're all snug, the laundry is caught up and this blog is coming to an end as my eyes are sagging.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I can't seem to post a link, so google (Handybob solar) great info if you have an open mind.

  2. I second the looking up the Handy Bob Blog. I have read of many people that are so very thankful for his advice (larger wire!)that I am going to follow his tips when we get solar installed. Really, please look his blog up.

  3. that is one thing I love about fulltiming--move if we aren't completely happy.


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