3:10 to Yuma

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Not sure why I used that title other than it's the only movie I know that has Yuma in the name...LOL! We survived the bad day of weather on Thursday..we were glad we were here. The weather was even worse in Quartzsite. We did pull in two of our slides and never put out any awnings. Lots of rain and wind gusts of up to 60 mph. Phew!

Yesterday was catch-up day. I fasted and we went into town to get my bloodwork done. Oops, the lab was closed due to water damage! Will give them a call on Monday and may have to find another spot to get it done.

After that we headed to Penny's Diner for some breakfast, a little pricey but it turned out to be a chain. We did get a  nice coffee mug there, added to our collection from The Shed in TX, one from Cabela's and a Life is Good mug. Then we hit Home Depot where we got Plexiglas to turn our screen door into a storm door, Staples where I picked up a lapdesk for the laptop and Harbor Freight Tools where Stu picked up several little things.

From there we headed to the Arizona Market Place to look for our LED bulbs. We quickly found the spot and got what we needed...now all our bulbs are either LED or fluorescent which should help when boondocking. We wandered all the vendors but time was short, many were closing for the day.

Back home for a quick dinner, we headed back into town to see "The Daybreakers", a slightly different twist on vampire flicks. Interesting, bloody but good. The Wal-Mart was on the way home and we knew it wouldn't be crowded that late in the evening so we stopped to pick up a few things.

Today we head back to the market place where we will meet some other Escapee friends. Then who knows what the day will bring!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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  1. A friend in Yuma has talked about the flooding there, but hopefully it has passed. Sheesh! Be careful!


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