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Monday, January 11, 2010

We headed out of Marathon this morning after picking up our mail at the local Post Office. Our sewer hose was frozen almost solid but since Stu figures it's worked through 4 rigs over 12 years, it didn't owe us a thing. Tossed it out with the other garbage....LOL!

The day warmed up into the mid-50's and mostly sunny. Nice driving, nice scenery (I have pics but a slow connection so will load them later). We stopped several times to stretch our legs. We had originally planned to stop outside El Paso for the night but since we had already moved into Mountain Time Zone, we decided to press onward to the Escapee park, Dream Catcher, in Deming NM.

We did stop at the Camping World in El Paso and picked up a new sewer hose. We also finally bought a folding extension ladder since it was on sale. We can now get rid of the clunky one....this one folds to a very long, narrow profile and can easily be stored in either our basement compartment or in a PVC tube under the rig.

Our next stop was Barnett's Harley-Davidson in Las Cruces, NM. Stu is trying to get a t-shirt (or some article of clothing) from every state. He found a great one for 50% off. Sweet!!!

The sun was quickly setting as we left the HD dealer and before we knew it, Mother Nature was putting on a great show for us. I snapped several shots outside the truck windshield and told Stu to expect even better ones when we get to Quartzsite.

We have changed our original route and are heading to Tucson and Doc Justin's Diamond J RV Park. I haven't stayed there but did visit friends there two years ago. Nice park, out in the country a bit so quiet...lots of wildlife. It' supposed to be upper 60's to low 70's so we can get the bikes out for a bit. We'll stay three nights and then book it to Quartzsite on Friday.

Oh, my friend Ara put up some photos of us on his blog today. Check it out!

EDIT: Photos uploaded to SmugMug

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Enjoy your time at Diamond J. Wish we could be there with you! Take lots of pictures.
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  2. Wave when you drive past Benson, guys! We'll wave back and wish you good travels.

  3. Nice pictures of the sunset! Watch out for the rattlers as you move into warmer climates! Not all wildlife is, uh, friendly! The Tucson area is full of them. shudder.

  4. Got into Marathon as soon as you left. We love this town and can't wait to explore the park. Enjoy AZ!


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