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Friday, January 1, 2010

We finally got on the road late morning on Wednesday. Our route was easy, north on I-75 to I-10 and then west until we hit Quartzsite, AZ....LOL! Don't think we'll get lost.

Our first stop was at Camping World in Tallahassee. We had several items we wanted to pick up. We have two wonderful Fantastic Fans with rain sensors...that means they close automatically when it rains. We finally decided to get MaxxAir vent covers for them to eliminate that issue. We were thrilled to find them on sale.

We picked up several other small items and got permission to use their "first come, first serve" hookup sites. Yup, got a night of free parking WITH power. Nice!! Thank you to CW for continuing this wonderful service in these hard economic times.

We got on the road by 9:00 and headed west. We made a stop at Sam's Club in Pensacola and then found a VERY busy Wal-Mart Supercenter for the last few grocery items. Nice to not have to rush through the day...we easily made it to the Rainbow Plantation in Summderdale, AL where we planned to spend a couple of days.

We love the Escapee Parks that we have stayed in but have to admit that our last two check-in (Bushnell and Summerdale) seemed very impersonal. No offer of hugs, no mentions of social gatherings, no real welcoming feeling. Guess everyone feels stressed? We did find the social calendar in the clubhouse in Bushnell, thus we made it to the Christmas Pot Luck. No mention was made of anything here last night so we just relaxed in the RV.

Today is a veg day...I did get the laundry done and some online catch-up reading done as well. It's supposed to go down below freezing tonight and from what we can tell, all the south is pretty much the same. Our next stop will be at Cabela's in Gonzales, LA. Not sure where we will spend the night, if they have hookups and if one is open, we'll stay there. Otherwise we'll look for a Passport American campground.

We had originally planned on spending a couple of days around New Orleans but the current temps are discouraging us. We would normally ride the bikes (or at least the trike) and rain & cold are not our favorite riding conditions. Most of TX looks cold as well unless you go down towards the Rio Grand Valley area where we spent last winter.

So, we will meander onward on I-10 west, stopping when & where we feel like it. We have two weeks before the big show starts in Q. No rush, and that's a good thing.

On a side note, our New Year's Eve was quiet. We decided that we will try at least one new beer as our new tradition. Stu found some Red Stripe at Wal-mart. You might remember his disappointment at not finding it during our Jamaica excursion. Then we find it at a Wally World in Pensacola, FL. LOL! Anyway, we tried it and both liked it (I think I liked it a little more than he did). We watched a discount Blu-Ray movie - Æon Flux. Neither of us had ever heard of it but figured it was worth grabbing at $10 (less than going to the movies). It turned out to be a pretty good SciFi movie and we really love the Blu-Ray....especially now that Stu has all the surround sound up and working.

Finally, a thanks to all our readers who have put up with a very sporadic year of posting. It's been an extremely busy year with a lot of highs and lows. Here's to a 2010 with more highs than lows, for all our family & friends! You deserve it...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Aeon Flux was originally a very strange SCFI series on Adult Swim (I think that was on Comedy Central). The animated series is available through Netflix as well as other sources. It has some pretty strange erotic elements, is rather hard to follow, pretty geeky, and probably much improved with pot.

    Unless those descriptors appeal, the movie is about all you might want of Aeon Flux.


  2. Donna and Stu

    Great to read from you again and thanks for sharing... We just left AL and stayed both in MS and LA. We LOVED New Orleans (see our NOLA blog), so if you can spend a day - it worth it. Both State Park are great. One was close recently as it got flooded from the rain but I think they reopened.
    We are staying this couple weeks in west TX (Galveston Island) so if you are in the area - let us know, it would be our honor to meet you in person.

    Happy New Year!
    Patti and Motty

  3. Darn it! Just when you come to our neck of the woods again, we're not there. Our rig is at the Plantation, but we are in PA visiting family for the holidays. Oh, well. Maybe we'll catch up one day. In the meantime, enjoy!!

  4. Sittin up here in the frigid north central area(WI) just dreaming of the day when we can put the wristwatch in the drawer and wander like you two and others are doing.
    The comment on the mood of the people is interesting but certainly understandable.
    Safe travels to you and keep the words flowing.
    Have a good year
    Bob and Pat

  5. Donna and Stu,
    If you are looking for a place to stop along I-10 near Winnie, TX, you could join me here at Anahuac, NWR, for free for a night. Full hook-ups for friends of volunteers!

    Let me know. The pads are 10 miles off I-10.

    Judy Bell


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