We made it to Quartzsite....

Monday, January 18, 2010

Been a busy couple of days. We had a nice stay at Augie's Quail Trail in Gila Bend, managing to connect with some folks I met two years ago at the RV Life on Wheels in Tucson, Linda and Dave.

From there we rolled onward towards Quartzsite or "Q" as those in the know call it. LOL! We made a Wal-Mart stop in Buckeye at I-10. Got everything we needed and more, as usual. Before we knew it we were coming over the mountain to the vista of RVs spread far and wide. Quartzsite...the annual mecca for RVers.

We planned to stay at at 14 day BLM area named Hi Jolly. We had a good friend, Sharon, from the Escapees staying there and wanted to reconnect. We called her at the entrance and let her know we were headed to find a parking spot. She was close to the front where it was easy to get her motorcycle in and out. She was just getting ready to go for her daily ride so she jumped on and found us as we parked.

Stu unloaded both our bikes and the three of us headed out on a scenic ride to Bouse. Gorgeous ride, perfect weather and great companions...what more could you ask for? On the way back we pulled into the SOLOS camping area and said hi to those we knew. Then it was back to the campsite for the night. We finished getting set up and enjoyed the rest of the evening in comfort...after a nice walk of 30 minutes or so.

Sunday morning we got up, ate and headed out for another 30 minute walk. We stopped by Sharon's place and let her know we were heading out for our lunch with my Rumble Sister friends. Three bikes and two cars - Stu & I, Sharon on the bikes and Rumble Sister Marsha, her hubby Marion and Sharon's former in-law relative, Bob in the cars. We went to Silly Al's for lunch...expecting maybe a dozen folks and ending up with 18. NICE lunch...always wonderful to meet up with good friends and make new ones.

Oh, can you tell...no camera so no photos...LOL! Most of us forgot them but a couple remembered and hopefully they will post photos so I can snag one. Anyway, it was a great lunch and too short a time to really visit with everyone.

We planned to visit the Big Tent while the weather was good. Rain was due to move in on Monday and stay all week. UGH! Sharon and I left our bikes chained together at Silly Al's, I hopped on the back of the trike and Sharon into her car with Bob. Marsha and Marion headed out in their Jeep.

We all ran into one another from time to time as we wandered the tent and outside vendors. Stu & I picked up some brochures on Alaska, talked to tour operators about Mexico tours and I found my mesh outback style hat. We didn't buy much else...everything we wanted was too big to carry back on the bike. LOL!

We got back with both bikes, opened a couple of bottles of beer - Fireman's 4 was the one for the day - and sat outside enjoying the fresh air until it got too cool to enjoy. Still no great sunset photos...too heavy a cloud bank again.

Today we will take it easy but eventually take the truck down to the event and pick up those items we wanted that were big & bulky. One thing I have been really been wanting is vents to cover our fantastic fans with the rain sensors. There are times you want them open but it's raining. With the vent covers we can do that. Needless to say, we found them much cheaper here than at Camping World or any other online site I found.

We also found a really needed walking stool...something I desperately need when doing a lot of event type walking. My back really stiffens up and a couple of minutes of sitting and stretching the lower back really helps. These are sturdy and look like they will last much longer than the cheaper ones we've seen everywhere. We plan to get two of them...and a discount for that. LOL!

The other item we keep looking at is the Campfire in a Can (one brand name, several others available). I don't think we will get it but out here it would be nice. I think I'd rather spend the money on my Kindle reader. Hee-hee!

Okay, enough blathering for the day. If I ever get any pics I will post them in a new blog. Doubt I will blog again, other than for photos, until we move to Yuma on Wednesday...two days early thanks to the rain. We are enjoying it here though!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. When I upgraded my phone I went for a better camera. I usually have my phone with me, so I now have a decent (not great) camera. It is a handy way to take "notes," as well. Rather than write something down (which I can also do on the phone)I just take a picture.

    Your lifestyle may preclude always carrying a phone, however. If that is the case, this is not a solution at all. :(

  2. Michael, we often end up using our iPhones as our cameras but it wouldn't work at the luncheon (too dark inside) and not great through the truck windshield. But often I will post photos and state they are phone pics. LOL! Someday it will truly be all in one.

  3. Donna, give us a call, we are just off that road to Bouse you rode on the bikes. 406-930-0663.

  4. Your reviews of those nice items are great and well appreciated.
    Patti and I have never 'done the Q', and would love to see it through your eyes. What is special, what you liked and what is new.
    BTW - Now I got the 'ride the bike' story :)


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