Still moving westerly.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We knew we had a short day today, a little over 200 miles, so we took our time getting up and heading out. The weather was still cold but the wind had died and the sun stayed out making it feel MUCH warmer than yesterday.

We knew we needed to make a grocery stop so I found a spot in Lake Charles, LA that had both a Sam's Club and a Wal-Mart. On the way there we passed a sign for the Lake Charles Harley-Davidson, in the same location since 1932.

Our Sam's/Wal-Mart stop was only a few more exits. We loaded up on berries, flat bread (we are hooked on that stuff), beer (yup, bought me some more Red Stripe beer), milk, yogurt, butter, apples as well as a couple of discount DVD's and, glory be, a new stack of Lynx Levelers (thank you Wally World). We'd been trying to find them, but Camping World had changed brands and they weren't compatible. We have broken several and needed to refresh our stack. Nice bonus!!

Our afternoon was disappearing quickly but we made it to our campground in Beaumont TX, Hidden Lake RV Resort, before dark. Nice little park with very welcoming and helpful workampers. Bonus is the price, it's a Passport America park so for under $18 we got a nice long pull-through, level with 50 amp. Life is good!

Tomorrow we see how much our travel schedule changes. We need to get trailer tires....UGH! We plan to stop outside Houston to get a price as well as get our heat pump repaired. It stopped working a couple of days ago and hasn't come back. Might be a recurrence of the A/C resister problem that we had last summer.

That brings me to Lyn & Gerri's question about why we won't asphalt park (or boondock) when it's this cold. We tried it last winter, and for some reason our propane tanks froze up....or at least the regulator did. That meant our generator stopped (we have a propane generator) as well as our gas heat. Not good when it's down under 30 degrees. The other side of that is if we have to run the generator all night, we might as well stay in a park, especially a 50% off one like we get with Passport America.

Hope that helps....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Bad weather is expected Thursday through Saturday all the way to AZ. We elected to stay just out of Houston (Bolivar Peninsula) until the Arctic spell will calm down. Stay hot through this week!

  2. Ahhhh. That does make sense, thanks.

    As Motty says, very cold weather is expected in NM, also. I think it will be looking up after the weekend, though. Keep your fingers crossed!


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