We made it to New Bern, NC

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a day...big surprise...NOT! We got up at a reasonable hour and hit the road with less than 2 hours of driving ahead of us. One rest area stop and no other detours....must be a record! We found the campground without any problems. We knew it was small, 27 sites, but the owner had told me yesterday that there should be plenty of room.

Hmmm, we drove around and saw two empty sites, only one of which was big enough for us to back into. All the others appeared to have seasonal or permanent occupants. Well, to make a long, scary story short....we almost got stuck in the sand while trying to park. Thank goodness for Stu's fire department large equipment background...no panic, he just got us out of there (I was sure we'd be calling for a tow).

Not many campgrounds in the area, we opted for the KOA...pricier than we normally pay (in this case even more so since we opted for the concrete patio so Stu could use it to work on the trailer tomorrow). VERY nice campground, great location, can walk out to the river...going to enjoy it. Funny thing, the owners have a Harley-Davidson trike conversion as well...AND he's a retired firefighter. Small world....

We rested, read, watched movies, did laundry, etc till we heard from the guy who had the trailer. It was about 5:30 when we finally headed out. Nice folks, they plan to sell their house and full-time...they have a Valkyrie trike!

The trip home with the trailer attached was uneventful, we left it at the campground and went out to dinner. Back home, beat and stuffed. More on the trailer tomorrow....with photos....definitely a new adventure....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Havin' fun on the road, however you travel that road!

  2. Oh you guys have the life!! Love the Harley! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'll be watching your travels and wishing I was along for the ride!


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