In Texas...FINALLY!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Yup, we made it to TX yesterday....I missed a night blogging mainly because we were cold, tired, in a crappy park with poor power that kept going off. On Saturday we left Alabama, crossed Mississippi and landed in Monre, LA for the night. We made it to the Harley dealer there by 4:00...but they closed at 3:00. Figures....LOL!

There was a Sam's Club but with lows forecast in the upper 20's we thought we'd grab a campground and there was a Coast to Coast park, Shiloh RV & Travel Resort on the same street as Harley & Sam's. So we grabbed a spot for the night....$10. Well, we should have read the reviews at first. Sigh....

The roads were terrible, lots of mud (too close a reminder to our night at South of the Border), a power pedestal sitting in a pool of water with no breaker and covered by a little piece of carpet. We shoulda & on all night the power flickered. Since we use a power surge protector, that meant 5 or so minutes before everything came back up...each time. We were on antenna so that helped (we barely fit in the spot with a foot or two overhang on either end so trying the move forward/back to get the dish to find a signal wasn't an option). Stu sent a note to Coast to Coast and entered a poor review at One more park OFF our list...

Note - the water cartridge was already there.

We had to use Linx levelers to keep the connection out of the water - it was 6" deep!

Don't you just love the nicely graveled road? That's what their website showed...

We headed out early, finished getting through LA and crossed into TX. An uneventful day of driving, we arrived at the Rainbows End Escapees Park in Livingston, TX around 4:00. This was allowed plenty of time to get setup and attend the 6:30 ice cream social! By the time we walked back the temperature was 35...we were really glad to be in a park with good, clean power. When we woke up this morning it was 27. Good thing Stu unhooked the water last night.

Oh, at the ice cream social we met up with Hank & Patti Landry. I had met them a couple of times before but have to admit to being REALLY bad at remembering everyone who has met me is FOREWARNED! LOL! Great folks, we chatted about traveling and hope to see them again in the Mission area.

We will be picking up a month's worth of mail this afternoon, not sure when we will be leaving but could be on Wednesday. We have an issue with our gas heat (either the regulator or the thermostat...again) and looks like the KZ dealer that can work on the rig is kind of on our way.

As we've said before...we'll hit Mission eventually!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. Well hurry on down. We got to Mission today and it was sunny and warm. Tom & Paula

  2. I don't think we have ever found a campground that looked like the brochure pictures. At least when we came here we didn't expect much. And that is what we got. Where are you staying in Mission? I love it in the RGV!


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