Diaz Diner, Mission TX

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After the debacle at Pepe's on the River, Donna and I were very hungry (famished is more like it). We started down the road back into Mission. I plugged "Diner" into the GPS and headed for the first selection that popped up...Diaz Diner.

A very clean, pleasant place where we were greeted as we came in. We had drinks at the table in less then 5 minutes along with homemade tortilla chips and salsa. mmmm gooood! Our lunch (dinner) selection arrived on a warm plate about 10 minutes later. It smelled delightful, partly because we were so hungry and mostly because it was. I had a plate that consisted of a taco, enchilada and a burrito, it was named the Diaz Mexican Plate. Donna had the Diaz Chicken Monterrey which was grilled chicken (with some type of delicious seasoning) topped with white cheese and green peppers. It was served along with rice, refried beans & two tortillas on the side.

Service was great, food was great, price was very reasonable. The entire check was less then $20 and Donna took a doggy bag home that will make a least 2 more meals for us. We decided we would go back and try the breakfast on the day we leave for San Antonio for our fight to Orlando.

Once again, the diner rules!

Keep rolling...we will...


  1. That food looks GOOD! Sorry you had to wait so long and move to another diner, but it looks like it just might have been worth it!

  2. That does look delicious! We'll have to try it some time!


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