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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Escapees Class of 2007 had a small reunion of sorts today. About 20+/- members met at a local eatery called Pepes on the River. It was a cool setting, under a grass thatch roof, open to the air with a view to Mexico over the Rio Grand River. As Donna and I rode in we both thought it was probably very popular with bikers. Sure enough, there were about a dozen bikes parked around the side. The beer was cold and the Bar service efficient. There was even a small band playing the kind of music you would expect here...a little country, some Texas Two step stuff and some oldies here and there. We had lots of conversations about traveling, our rigs and some of the usual RV banter you might expect from a crowd like this. [more pics at SmugMug]

That's where it ended. Everyone arrived at about noon and we were seated about 12:30 after some meet and greets etc. Our lunch order was taken and we continued our conversations. The menu was short, but to be expected as this place was set up for large groups and quantity servings. Donna and I ordered a quesadilla each and the waitress went around the table getting all the other orders. I went for my second beer. More chatting and a third beer. A trip to the bathroom and finally some of the food had arrived, it was now around 1;45. The bathroom trip did not appease the food gods for about 6 of us. I went for beer number 4.

Finally the waitress returned and asked if we had received our food, answer: no. She retook the order and disappeared to the kitchen. At about 2:30 she returned and gave us some lame excuses for the delay...the kitchen lost the order...blah blah blah... Donna asked when it would be ready. Answer: there are 2 tables ahead of you so I'm not sure. Could she move our order to the top since we'd been waiting almost 2 hours? No, she wasn't going to fight the kitchen. We said good bye. No explanation or apologies were offered and no sign of a manager or a supervisor. We felt as if they really didn't care.

It's too bad, because the atmosphere was terrific and it seemed like the place could be a lot of fun. There certainly was a crowd there for mid-week. I got the idea that this was business as usual for the place. Oh well, we left and found a great little diner in the center of town and got our fill of good Mexican food. More on that in the next posting.

Keep rolling...we will...


  1. Wow,... they should have been smothering you in apologies!

  2. The one and only time we went there it was just exactly like that. No apologies, no food ever arrived, and we left. I guess the only reason they stay in business is because the ones who do get their food like it.


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