They call the wind Mariah....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are staying here one more day, we hoped to take a bike ride to Beaufort and enjoy lunch at a recommended restaurant. We were geared up, watching the weather (brand new severe weather alert), ready to go and BAM! The forecast wind hits....knocked over a metal glider on our porch.

Then I saw a cooler rolling down the streets...

...followed by our neighbors rug rolling & and along...

Maybe we'll ride later...LOL! Good thing is that we wouldn't want to be towing in 35-50 mph winds either!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. No fair, Donna, we used that "They call the wind Mariah" title on one of our blog postings a couple of years ago! But we know what you mean! Shortly before Christmas we lost large plastic ornaments from our "Christmas bushes" out front of the casita in two separate windstorms! I watched one fly away and chased it, others were returned by friends and neighbors! As soon as we took all the ornaments down, the wind storms stopped and haven't returned!

  2. I saw the title and immediately thought of the musical "Paint Your Wagon" with Lee Marvin and (a very young) Clint Eastwood. Of all the songs in that movie, that one is the only one that I remember, though, of course, I never did know all of the words.

    Away out here they got a name
    For rain and wind and fire
    The rain is Tess, the fire Joe,
    And they call the wind Maria


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