We made it! Mission, TX

Saturday, January 17, 2009

We got it mid-afternoon yesterday and quickly got settled. The lot has a little coach house that is empty so the trailer (still in parts & pieces) is stored in there. Didn't take us long to start to meet folks. We knew that my friends the McFalls (Pressure Pro folks) were here and we had just finished backing in (well, Stu had...I just waved my arms around a lot) when Pat came over to welcome us and introduce her friend Dale (of Mark & Dale Bruss).

A short time late Linda Moore stopped by to be sure we were doing okay, had found the keys and if we had any questions (she did this as a favor to our temporary landlord, Jack & Danielle Mayer). A little later on we had a couple biking by and the lady shouted out about recognizing our rig. We had met her in Gettysburg but not her husband...unfortunately I am SOOOOO bad about names. Sorry!

Next a couple stopped by because they had the exact same 5th wheel, just a different year. We chatted with them quite a bit but again, the names fail me (now you know why we hand out cards so often..we KNOW how hard it is...LOL!). They told us about a weekly Sunday morning breakfast ride that we'll probably try out.

So, here are a couple of shots of where we will be for the next 6-7 weeks....VERY nice! (And although this isn't a campground but a deeded RV lot development, I've used the keyword campgrounds for continuity...so don't pick on me...hee-hee!).

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. WELCOME DONNA & STU!!!! I've been watching waiting for you to get home. (-: Give me a call tomorrow morning (Sunday). We are having a little get together tomorrow afternoon and would like for you guys to come.


  2. Welcome to Retama! We are right up the street from you in the Teton with the white Kenworth. Phil and I can't wait to meet you both, we have enjoyed reading your posts on Escapees. Hope to see you soon!

  3. I am jealous that you are there. Although I love being in Arizona, if I was in Mission, I would be in driving distance of Las Margaritas Restaurant on Cage Blvd in Pharr. I would drive for 3 days to eat there if I could. If you get to go there, have the Tlalpeno Soup and then tell me all about it. I will probably drool over the report...

  4. Hey, Donna,

    John & I are pretty much next door at Bentsen Palms Village. We met you in Tuscon last year at the Life on Wheels. Mission is GREAT - we love it here!

    Hope to see you soon!



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