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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's see...we left Bushnell, FL on January 2nd and headed to New Bern, NC - a trip of about 650 miles. Two easy days...right? Maybe even a day and a half....LOL! Not for us.....we definitely take our time. We don't set an alarm clock. We don't rush to get on the road. We stop whenever we need or want to, including any Harley-Davidson shop along the way (and we don't pass many Rest Areas either).

So, the first night out found us staying at a Flying J in the Brunswick, GA area. We had a nice dinner and a great breakfast...both accompanied by good coffee and conversation. Last night we made it to Dillon, SC where we opted to do the tourist thing and stayed at South of the Border. Stu had been there years ago with his kids. It was completely new to me and having seen it on a TV show, I wanted to personally experience the tacky....

Well, it's not what it used to be, that's for sure. Our hostess was nice but neglected to tell us we would need the passcard to get back into the campground. So after we spent 30 minutes getting parked and leveled in what seemed like knee-deep mud (if it had been earlier & still daylight, we would probably have opted to contact the office and move but it was level enough...finally), we walked up to the front of the park to exit and find a restaurant as well as sightsee the tacky shops.

Hmmm, card controlled we walked back to the rig (we were almost at the furthest corner of the park), got the keycard and walked back. Had a nice dinner with a pleasant waitress who was forgetful. Good thing we weren't in a hurry. The dinner was great and I was good about cutting my portion in half and taking it back to the rig. We then walked through several of the stores, checked out several closed ones and headed back to the park. Got to the keycard access gate and guess wasn't locked. LOL! That's okay...we're trying to walk more anyway.

We had made arrangements to have lunch with friends today at a Cracker Barrel less than 30 miles north of us so we stayed up late and slept in. We packed out and got ready to head out and it was a good thing the park had emptied while we slept.....took us over 20 minutes to navigate a way out of our spot...after pulling the leveling blocks out of the mud and rinsing them off....Stu had to back out the way we came in....

Had a wonderful lunch....over two hours of good food, better conversation and the company of the best friends, Karen & Jerry. They are from Maryland and were in the area returning their daughter, Kristyn, to college after the holidays. We got back on the road about 3pm and headed north once more.

We really needed to make a Wally World run....the pantry was getting empty. The first attempt, using the GPS to locate one, took us to their distribution center. Oops! LOL....then we found one in Smithfield, NC. We parked and picked up everything we needed (except one thing) and a few things more. By the time we were done it was getting dark, foggy and cold. We opted to spend the night here rather than pressing on for the last 2.5 hours to our campground.

So tomorrow we really should make it to New Bern....we think. ;-) Our new motto is: "No Rules, No Routes, No Responsibilities.....RETIRED!"

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. New Bern, NC - the home of Pepsi!

  2. But you are TOGETHER! The rest is just gravy! I'm enjoying reading of your trips,.. hope to have someone in my life again sometime. Take care of each other!

  3. Lovwe the blog. You both seem sooooo happy and that brings us such joy. Hope to see you when you are in MD for Melissa'a wedding. We should be up there mid April so I can gert my tomato plants in. We are heading to North GA to see Stuart and Russell mid Febuary near Helen at their new campground. Off to Vegas next week for 5 days. We are seeing "O" on your recommendation.
    Larry and Judi

  4. Good to see you two doing well. Spent a month in Smithfield/Selma this summer and visited that very Walmart almost weekly. Be safe.


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