On the road again....left NC and now in AL

Friday, January 9, 2009

Just a brief catch-up post so I can spend more time on one about the new (to us) motorcycle trailer. We finally left New Bern, NC yesterday morning under overcast skies. Our initial route was a repeat of what we took to get to New Bern but next thing we know, BIBS (our GPS) had taken us off on some more rural roads. Nice quiet drive on a two-lane road. The skies had cleared and the day warmed a little so we really enjoyed it. Found a neat little side of the road combo gas station, convenience store and cafe. We grabbed a quick sandwich, took a few sips of our tea (having forgotten that if they don't ask, it WILL be sweet tea...LOL!) and continued on.

We stopped in Goldsboro, NC at Shelton's Harley-Davidson. What a treat! This was the first dealer to actually have some reasonable sales and I picked up (thank you, Stu) a new textile jacket, a Hawaiian style shirt and a Taz t-shirt all at 50%. WOW! Even better, the shop was open & airy with a terrific motorcycle collection up above. I highly recommend their shops if you are in NC (we were told there were three of them).

The sky darkened once more and I grabbed a few shots. Before the end of the day it partially cleared and gave us a glowing sunset. More photos on SmugMug.

We spent the night in a Flying J around Columbia, SC and hit the road at 9 am. The weather was perfect, sunny & cool, traffic was minimal and we made good time...Just under 400 miles (a LOT for us...especially with Harley stops...LOL!). We're now in a Flying J just outside Birmingham, AL and hope to make Livingston either late on Sunday or mid-day on Monday. Phew!

Oh, almost forgot one little incident from yesterday's drive...a large heron or crane flew up from the side of the road, narrowly missing the front of our truck. Our backwash dragged him down and he BARELY missed the car rapidly passing us on the left. Just glad we all made it out without incident....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


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