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Sunday, January 25, 2009

What more could you want on a cool Saturday afternoon. Once again we were out running errands, picking up stuff for Stu's current project...the refitting of BRAT our motorcycle trailer. We stopped at a local hardware store and picked up some stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers (okay, so not all of them ended up being stainless). We also nabbed a small wire cart that we are going to try in the closet for Stu's t-shirts. We'll post a photo after we've tried it out...

We also made a quick Wally World stop where I added a few more plates & bowls to our stash. Stu had the polycarbonate ones and while virtually indestructible (and expensive), I prefer the breakable ones. In my old rig I had Corelle but this time around I chose the clear glass ones that you see in many restaurants. A nice change...I'm buying them by the piece since we don't need the coffee cups. At .73-1.00 each piece, it's inexpensive to pick up what I want and WAY cheaper than the Corele.

From a website that sells the brand: "Durable Arcoroc tempered glass usually does not break or chip when dropped. Break and chip-resistant & microwave safe pressed glass dinnerware." Here is a picture of what we got as well as two other patterns that I had for years in my houses.

When we finished running around it was approaching early dinner time and neither of us had taken time for lunch. We decided to stop at a restaurant/brewery we had seen earlier - BJ's Brewery. Anyone who has followed our blog for a while knows that as we travel we enjoy trying out new local beers at various beer pubs. I did grab a couple shots inside, including Stu with the 4 tasters in front of him, but forgot to take them of the food. I had the Jambalya with chicken, shrimp & sausage - absolutely delicious! Stu had fish tacos (Pacific Cod) and said the same. I boxed up half my dinner (and all the shrimp) for home and we shared a dessert. It was apple crisp with rolled oats covered with brown sugar & cinnamon, topped with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream. We made a big dent it in but there was no way we could finish. LOL!

Four 5 oz tasters for under $6.00...we both liked the NUTTY BREWNETTE®, my favorite was the HARVEST HEFEWEIZEN® and Stu's other favorite was BJ'S BREWHOUSE BLONDE™ (which I didn't like at all). Neither of us particularly liked the PIRANHA® PALE ALE. You can see all the brews & their descriptions on their website...appears that they are actually a rather large chain. LOL!

Oh, almost forgot....Pat & Mike McFall stopped by and we finally got our Pressure Pro system installed on the rig (truck & trailer). Took a little finagling to get the sensors on some of the truck tires but after that it was a breeze. I know we'll both feel more comfortable being able to easily monitor our tire pressure both before we hit the road and while traveling. I know I really appreciated it on my Class C and car.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I agree about "real" glass, I have real wine glasses in my camper. Always had real dishes and glassware in the 5th too. As we needed so few pieces I thought it wasn't adding a lot of weight. Brewery looks like fun!

  2. You'll be very happy with the PressurePro system. I love it. No more crawling around on my knees in the wet grass to check my tires, and if we hit a rough patch of road, I don't have to worry that the vibration I'm feelign is a tire going flat. And you can't pick two better vendors than Mike and Pat McFall. Their service after the sale is fantastic.

  3. Great info on the practical things too: dishes. I know Pam and I are taking notes as we downsize and get things for our future RV.
    Always like your photos too!

    Randy and Pam

  4. The Pizza at BJ's is the best we've had in the past year!


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