#2Doods A to Z: YARD

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Having fenced yard definitely has it's advantages:
  • Open the door and let the dog out
  • Don't worry about the dog leaving the property
  • Limited area to clean of dog poop
  • Ability to leave toys outside
Having a fenced yard also has some disadvantages:
  • Unless you are vigilant, leash training disappears. 
  • You tend to leave the dog poop until you can't avoid cleaning it up
  • The fence must be watched for escape hatches! (see shed blockade to keep them out from underneath and into front yard
  • Many plants and flowering bushes are poisonous - you will need to remove them.
  • Burrs, many, many BURRS! (see photo below)
  • Your pup can still get bored and dig, chew and eat things they shouldn't. (see flowers below)
We are very fortunate to have a large fenced in back yard. Our doodles love to race around it, chase each other, eat rabbit poop, leave their toys in the most inconvenient spots, bury their favorite chew toys and bones, all while they are getting a huge amount of exercise.

Doodle on!

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  1. Your doodles have been the stars of this year's A-Z for me. My daughter's dogs include a labradoodle; they have a fenced in corral as well but some escape attempts meant that they now wear GPS trackers as well.

    1. Interesting about the GPS trackers...haven't looked at those. Have they had to use them?

      I had to laugh...the #2Doods got out into our extra pasture this morning. I wondered why they had been out so long without asking back in. We had cows (neighbor's) staying for a while but they're gone. When hubby took off the locks, he didn't wrap the chain around the gate and one nose nudge...and they were in. LOL!

  2. I wouldn't have dogs if I didn't have a fence. I had my yard re-fenced before I even moved in. A good fence gives me peace of mind!

    1. Yes it does...and lots of exercise room!! These boys love it!

  3. Aww. Great that they have a place to play. Bummer that they sometimes get into bad things. Dogs will be dogs, eh?

    Thanks for being part of the A to Z Challenge.

    1. They train us, don't they. LOL! Thanks for all your visits and comments!


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