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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Whenever we tell someone we have Goldendoodles, they have a lot of questions. Here are the most common.

Q: How can he be a Goldendoodle? He's black, not golden!
A: As I discussed in an earlier post, Goldendoodles come in many colors and combinations of colors. While a Golden Retriever is always a golden/cream color, Poodles come in many colors ranging from black to white to brown to apricot and many shades in between. In addition, when mixing breeds, results can be very inconsistent. Case in point, Murphy. With a cream colored Goldendoodle dad and a tri-color Collie mom, how did the whole litter come out black? Throw-backs to the dad's ancestry probably.

Q: Are doodles expensive to own?
A: Yes, they are. If you can do your own grooming, that will help. But you still have to factor in double vet bills and double food bills. That said, some folks find they can't even stop at two!

Q: How can I be sure to get a non-shedding doodle?
A: You can't but you can improve the odds with an F1B puppy, one that is 3/4 Poodle (one parent is a Poodle, one is a Goldendoodle).

Q: I want a small dog. Doodles all seem to be so big. Can I find a small one?
A: The best way is to purchase a pup where the mother is a miniature poodle, typically under twenty pounds. 

Q: What will I know what kind of coat a puppy will have?
A: This can be hard to tell. Goldendoodles can have wavy coats and all variations of curly. The more Poodle in their heritage, the curlier it may be. But there are no guarantees. From shaggy to tight curls, they run the gamut.

Q: What kind of temperament do they have?
A: In general, Goldendoodles have wonderful temperaments. They are great companion dogs and are quite social, they love being around humans. They are also very intelligent and can tend to get into mischief if left alone for long periods. Exercise and training both help.

Cooper (l) and Murphy (r)
Puppy Portraits
F1 Goldendoodle: Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle (regardless of size)
F1b Goldendoodle: Goldendoodle bred back to a Poodle (regardless of size)
F2 Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle bred to a F1 Goldendoodle
F2b Goldendoodle: F1 Goldendoodle bred to an F1b Goldendoodle
F3 Goldendoodle: F1b Goldendoodle bred to an F1b Goldendoodle
F3 Goldendoodle bred to an F3: Multi-gen Goldendoodle etc.

Doodle on!

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  1. I love dogs ... never seen a GoldenDoodle ... which is a good thing I guess as I live in tropical India. They have such adorable expressions :)

    Would love it if you could check out my #AtoZ post on Q:

    1. Ah, I think they would have a tough time in India. They can overheat, not a good thing. Off to check out your blog...thanks for dropping by!

  2. I didn't know there were so many kinds of goldendoodles! Our neighbors have one that looks like a curly haired golden retriever and I thought that's what they all looked like! So interesting!
    Melanie's Stories

    1. Many kinds
      Maltese x Poodle is a Maltipoo.
      Labrador x Poodle is a Labradoodle.
      Cockerspaniel x Poodle is a Cockerpoo / Cockapoo.
      Golden Retreiver x Poodle is a Goldendoodle.

      And each mix can have variations depending on heritage!

  3. I can see you love dogs the way I love dogs. How fun to live in your house!

  4. Do you think somebody could find a Goldendoodle as a rescue?

    1. Absolutely...but you have to watch the rescue news closely. Needless to say, they go quickly. Petfinder is where a lot of rescues list their pups and you can get an email alert of "poodles" (which encompasses Goldendoodles).

      Thanks for dropping by to visit!

    2. I got my standard Multi-Gen Goldendoodle (Edward - came with the name) free on Craigslist at age 2 1/2 years. He does have epilepsy, which was not told to the people we got him from, but it wasn't a factor in why they had to re-home him. So, while he was a free dog, he costs over $100 in meds a month. Remember, they are just mixed breed dogs, so you don't really know what you're getting even with F3s! There can be throw-backs.

    3. Lisa, you are absolutely right. We have ear issues with Cooper, a constant battle and something that can come from both parents. Grooming costs us, too, plus doggy day care every week or two because we don't want to leave them for 8 or so hours. But we love them to pieces as I'm sure you do with Edward!

  5. Only met the Poodles and Goldens apart - had a Golden Retriever decades ago. We now have two 'designer' dogs - a Cavachon and a Chorkie.

    1. We had run into several Doodles in the last couple of years, a Labradoodle, a Neufydoodle and a Goldendoodle. After reading the characteristics of each mix, we decided the Goldendoodle was the best for us. We are really pleased with both pups, even if only one ended up being non-shedding.

  6. Fell in love with a Labradoodle but really don't feel we need any pet at this time. Daughter has a Collie/Great Pyrenees mix. People constantly ask her "What's that??

    1. We knew we would have one more dog (or two) but these will be our final ones.

  7. I didn't know there was such a variety of goldendoodles within the breed. That's interesting that there are so many classifications.


    1. I was amazed as well. Some call them designer breeds, some call them mutts. We just call them family!

  8. This questions answered post was perfect for me as I knew practically nothing about Goldendoodles. Hard not to fall in love with these sweeties!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it...they are a wonderful mixed breed!

  9. I get these questions too with our Labradoodles...minus the color question. The most common question I get though is "What kind of dog is that?" When we just had Bernie, I had people stopped at traffic lights in Arizona heat rolling down windows to ask me as Bernie and I would cross the street. LOL!

    1. I think it's their adorable faces that draw people to them!


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