#2Doods A to Z: KENNEL

Thursday, April 12, 2018


Kennels (or crates) are a must in our household even though we are retired and home all the time. We had never done crate training growing up in either of homes and with a variety of dogs. Our last pup was crate trained and we realized it was a big help in training. Plus it can be a safety factor. I see way too many Facebook posts about lost dogs that charged out the front door and didn't come back.

We started with a medium crate (36") for Cooper, thinking he would max out at 35-40 pounds, the same size as our previous pup (who now lives with our grandkids). Of course there wasn't an inkling that we would end up with TWO Goldendoodles!

Along came Murphy and while they both fit, it was apparent a bigger crate would soon be needed (they love to sleep together).

A bigger crate (XL 48") was ordered...

...offering much more room.

We soon realized that using the side door was easier for the two of them to get in and out.

They say dogs are creatures of habit...Cooper always sleeps on the left and Murphy on the right.

We even have a wireless camera hooked up so we can check on them when we are out.

They now go in immediately on the command of "In your bed" or "Go night-night", no matter the time of day. Pick a command and stick to it, it works!

Doodle on!

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  1. love the pics of your sweet pups!!

  2. I love the picture where one is sleeping on right and other on the left. Very cute!!

    1. Thanks, Jui. It was funny to realize they always slept on the same side every night.

  3. See, you use crates correctly! You are home most of the time, and use them occasionally and at night. I used to work in an independently owned pet store, and too many people came in for kennels for their puppies, and said they needed to leave them for 10 hours a day (8 working, 2 commuting)! I wanted to say, "Don't get a dog."
    Do they get up to trouble if left out when you're gone?

    1. Thanks, Lisa. If we left them out at night, they'd sleep all night and be fine. But we wanted them to continue to use it for continuity. We wouldn't leave them out during the day when gone...they still chew on things when bored. Plus they would set off the motion sensor - Cooper did that once when he managed to get the door open and wander the house while we were out. LOL!

  4. Never crate trained but our next pooch will be for certain.
    They are such wonderful pals.

    1. I never considered it but it makes so much sense. Now we just tell them "in your bed" and they get into the crate. They enjoy it!

  5. Totally agree. My dogs LOVE there crates. We play LOTS of Crate games when they are puppies and now even at 8 years old Heddy know the drill and will FLy to her Crate trying to win the first cookie.


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