#2Doods A to Z: RUNNING

Friday, April 20, 2018


I don't know about everyone else's Goldendoodles, but ours LOVE to run.

Even inside!

Doodle on!

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  1. I don't know about yours, but mine is clumsy! He looks like he's gallumphing, rather than running!
    Was your looking at that cow? Do they go after cows? Cows are why we got our Edward. The woman owned him had been injured and had to move in with relatives who had cows. She didn't know how he'd react and didn't want to chance it.

    1. Murphy pretty much ignored the cows but Cooper loved to bark at them. We think he believes they are big dogs and he wants them to come over and play. LOL! The cows are gone now and won't be back since we are building on that part of the property.

      Cooper is the clumsier of the two, Murphy is more solid with shorter legs and with the Collie background, used to quick moves.

  2. Love these pictures! Bernie likes to run, but he's kind of a sprinter. Lizzie is full-on crazy pants marathon pup:)

    1. These two will race and race and race. Murphy usually gives first, then lays down while Cooper circles him, egging him to get up and go another round. LOL!


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