#2Doods A to Z: MURPHY

Saturday, April 14, 2018


My husband was gone out of state for three weeks and I was fully responsible for our first Goldendoodle, Cooper. At almost six months old, he was a ball of energy. We  had talked about getting him a playmate, but nothing seriously. Until I started watching the ads, looking at rescues, and participating in various Facebook groups.

I had a budget of what I wanted to spend and had a couple of possibilities but they were too far away for a day trip. I had taken Cooper to doggy camp for the day while I ran errands and was perusing local sale ads when I saw it. An ad for doodle puppies! Below my max budget! In a neighboring town! Arrangements were made to come see the puppies after picking Cooper up and off I went.

There were puppies galore! All black, a couple with a little white. The runt, which I was drawn to, was a female. I introduced several to Cooper who wasn't the least bit interested until I took him out of the truck and let him run with the puppies. In the end, I took the largest pup. He loved to snuggle and wasn't overly hyper. He was almost three months old, making him three months younger than Cooper. Perfect!

Our vet techs fell in love with him - he wanted to cuddle the whole time he was there. Here is hubby in the waiting area - same thing I experienced at Murphy's first visit.

His fur was very different from Cooper's. While Cooper had been a bit scruffy, Murphy was even more so - and wild! We had no idea how it would fill in as he grew.

He and Cooper were quite the pair and wore each other out as they grew.

What one couldn't think up, the other could!

Right down to matching sandy noses!

Grooming has been very different, mostly due to the difference in their parentage. Murphy's mother was a Rough Collie and his father was a Goldendoodle. This qualifies him as a Goldendoodle but also a Collie/Poodle mix, or Cadoodle.


This has meant a difference in their personalities as well. We often refer to Cooper as "The Jock" and to Murphy as "The Nerd". Murphy is the quiet, studious one, while Cooper is always on the go, lots of energy and goofy!

Doodle on!

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  1. I bet Cooper is very happy that you brought Murphy home to be his companion. So, is the result of any pairing with a poodle considered to be a Doodle?

    1. They are heart brothers for sure!

      Yes, a poodle mix is a doodle of some sort but depending on the breed they are mixed with there are a host of names. Here are a few:

      Cockapoo = Poodle + Cocker Spaniel
      Maltipoo = Poodle + Maltese
      Labradoodle = Poodle + Labrador
      Goldendoodle = Poodle + Golden Retriever
      Schnoodle = Poodle + Schnauzer
      Peekapoo = Poodle + Pekingese
      Yorkipoo = Poodle + Yorkshire Terrier

  2. What I like best about your Murphy story is that you brought him home while your husband was out of town. That shows me a good relationship and knowing your partner well! I could do the same, as could my late husband, bring home animals! Sometimes even without checking! I like Murphy's shagginess, the collie fur, he has.

    1. He still loves to tell the story that all I said was I was going to look at the puppies. While we had talked about getting a second one, he initially thought we'd wait until Cooper was closer to a year old. He kept waiting to see pictures of the pups but the next thing he saw was the video of the two of them in the back yard. LOL!

  3. Murphy has no idea how lucky he is to have an older (by a few months anyway) brother to show him the ropes. Such a cutie!

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    1. It sure made housebreaking easy...I think I had a max of three accidents with Murphy!

  4. My husband quakes with fear any time I say "I am just going to check out something"

    1. LOL! I once bought a house without hubby seeing anything but pictures I took. We were relocating to Colorado at the time, my job transfer.

  5. I search the AtoZ for dog posts every year. Cooper and Murphy are the real stars now.

  6. They are simply adorable. I'm also a dog person & our last two dogs were Black Labs & this time we decided on a Chocolate Lab, but I think the Mama was Chocolate & Daddy was a Black Lab.. anyway Charlie is our baby!!! I wanted a little dog like yours, but they're so expensive. So, I'll just have to wait. Have a nice day & thanks for sharing your pics!!!

    1. We hunted and hunted to find a good breeder with reasonable prices. Cooper was 4 months old when we got him, the last of his litter, so his price was reduced. Murphy was part of a huge litter and only 1/4 Poodle so an even more reduced price. But we love them both...Charlie sounds adorable!


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