#2Doods A to Z: NEUTERING

Monday, April 16, 2018


We knew we would be getting our Goldendoodles neutered as soon as the vet approved. Because Cooper was considered a large breed dog, she agreed to do it at five months rather than the traditional six. We would have been out of town for a couple of months otherwise. Murphy was done at six months. Both had no issues, little licking and disliked even the blow-up collar. In fact, Cooper hated it so much, he cheerfully tore Murphy's apart for his little brother. LOL!

Cooper at 5 months...recovering.

Murphy at 6 months...recovering.

Please spay and neuter your pets when your vet approves!!!

Doodle on!

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  1. Those inflatable "cones" are the best! More comfortable and a lot less trouble around the house and on human legs. They look so adorable with them!

    Glad you're promoting spay and neutering. It's important! And it doesn't, contrary to what some believe, change the animal's personality. I was at the vet last week and the vet was explaining to a very stubborn woman (who was not listening, not even pretending to listen)that spaying her 4 year old dog would eliminate 30% of possible cancers, and to do it sooner than later!

  2. I've never seen the inflatable cones before - looks so much more comfortable than the traditional ones!

    1. They definitely are and would have done well if hadn't chewed it up. LOL!


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