#2Doods A to Z: JEALOUSY

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


It's mine - It's mine.
It's yours - It's mine.
He's brushing you - brush me!
She's petting you - pet me!

Whatever one has, the other wants. Toys, attentions, treats - doesn't matter if they are exactly the same or not. It's so funny to watch them with chew treats. They will each chew theirs for a few minutes, then one will walk away. The other gets up and goes over to the treat that was left, then the first guy takes over the other's treat.

Cooper and Murphy also love to play "keepaway" with toys. Remember those tiny squirrels I mentioned? They are a favorite keepaway item. Cooper will pull one out of the toy box, toss it around until Murphy notices. Then the chase begins....often ending in a game of tug of war.

Yes, that's the favorite yellow duck!

Gotta love 'em!

Doodle on!

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  1. Replies
    1. You know it...what one can't start, the other one will.

  2. Really cute. I love the shot of them trotting a long "sharing."

  3. Kids and dogs are much alike ;-)


  4. Aw, what a sweet pair! Sounds like they enjoy being together, even when they don't want to share. :)


    1. They do enjoy it and don't like being separated. Thanks for stopping by, Jen.


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