#2Doods A to Z: WATER

Thursday, April 26, 2018


What do you get when you breed a water dog (Poodle) with a water dog (Golden Retriever)? A dog that loves water and doesn't care how wet they get.
The English name poodle is derived from the German word pudel, or pudelin, which means to splash in the water. And in France, Poodles are called Caniche, a name derived from chien canard, meaning duck dog. {source}

The Golden Retriever originated in the early 19th century. It was developed after a long line of breeding from the Newfoundland, Tweed water spaniels and the Irish setter. The ultimate goal was to develop a breed of hunting dog that was big enough and had the endurance to hunt and retrieve a large number of game birds at a time. {source}

What do you get when you breed a Goldendoodle and a Rough Collie? A dog that doesn't seek out water or getting wet but has a coat that sheds water quite well.
Some owners report that rough Collies do not like the water due to how heavy their coats get when wet. We have seen clips on the Internet of rough Collies swimming, however, so while a lot may not, it's never an absolute. {source}
Cooper comes in from the rain and his fur is dripping. Murphy comes in from the same weather and he has a few droplets on his back. Needless to say, they both have wet feet though!

I look forward to summer and putting up a kiddie pool for them to play in!

Photo for cuteness....their first meeting with a little one!

Doodle on!

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  1. My daughter's golden retriever and her yellow lab will swim all day in their own small lake and get soaking wet. The labradoodle will only get his feet wet.

  2. Edward the Goldendoodle here will only stand in the doggy wading pool up to his ankles. The other dog (Border Collie/Heeler) sticks his head under water to bite his way around the bottom of the pool! Of course, we worry about him drowning himself (at least choking) when he holds his open mouth up to a draining gutter! Our previous Border Collie/Heeler would actually tip-toe in the rain, you could see it! I wish Edward would get wet on hot summer days, or at least run through the sprinkler with Boo.

    1. We will see how they do this summer. We will probably try a kiddie pool. They are projecting a warmer than usual summer again!

  3. Is a kiddie pool big enough for them?

    1. Time will tell....big enough to at least splash. LOL!

  4. Or Border Terrier is a WATER RAT and loves to swim and dives right in our Ridgeback hates to even get her toenails damp and must me forced to go out in the yardd if the grass is even damp with dew.

    1. Our previous pup, Sadie, was like that. She HATED the rain! LOL!


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