#2Doods A to Z: VETS

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


When we knew we were bringing Cooper home, we posted in a local area Facebook group for recommendations. Two places were mentioned time and time again. I called both and got pricing on initial visit, puppy shots and neutering. Then I looked at their locations and their hours and finally picked one. We think we picked a winner.

This is an important choice. Your veterinarian is your first line of defense against parasites, pests and disease. They are your partner during that first year. Because we knew that Goldendoodles tended to have ear issues and many loved consuming clothes (socks, underwear) which required surgical correction, we purchased pet insurance for the first time. Once again, we got referrals from others that had purchased and utilized pet insurance. A little more research and we chose Healthy Paws. They offered a choice of plans (percentage paid by us/them and deductible).

The policy doesn't take affect until you've had the puppy for fifteen days, so remember to take that into account. It also doesn't cover well puppy visits. But since Cooper had several visits for ear infections, we satisfied the deductible and were quickly refunded our portion. They have a mobile app and you can easily submit your claims electronically (or via snail mail).

Cooper's first vet visit at 15 weeks old.

He fell asleep on the table.

Doodle on!

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  1. Picking a great vet is so important. We've had a number of vets we thought were good or started off good and then disappointed us. Recently our favorite vet left the office we were using and now is a mobile vet, which is even better for our guys who are deathly afraid of the vet's office!

    1. We love our current vet...she is amazing. So good with the pups, so caring. She calls within a couple of days of every visit where an issue was found (and after neutering). I've never had a vet do that.


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