Where did the week go?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Once again, time flies...whether you're having fun or not. I have accomplished several things this week...besides running around with Doug on his errands. I did get my passport application finally submitted. Phew....what a hassle but a requirement for the future. I also emailed and got a couple more certified birth certificates. Since the passport will take 4-6 weeks AND will have to be sent to me by my mail forwarding service, this will allow me to still visit Mexico when the chance arises (hoping to get some discount eyeglasses).

The weather has been pretty nice for the most part, one night of rain and maybe 2 cloudy days...not including today when it's been a little cooler and spitting rain off & on. I managed to get everything done to the rig in preparation for moving, getting fresh water & dumping is all that's left to do.

Some may remember that my bike wouldn't start while in Casa Grande at the Gypsy Journal Rally. I had tried charging the battery but nothing changed and I had planned on getting one while here. Well we unloaded the bike and after a short false start...it started. Hmmmmmm...... Now wondering if maybe I might have some bad gas? It seems to not be running at 100% and is harder to start, but start it does.

The other thing is maybe some transmission issues. The guys couldn't get it into gear when they loaded it in Casa Grande. Today Doug took it around the block and it clunked majorly when he put it into gear, then he had a very hard time getting it into neutral. I called the Parker BMW dealer and my warranty is good until April 2009 so that may be my next stop. Always something....

Anyway, we're headed to Winterhaven, CA to meet up with the Boondockers BOF again. That's just outside Yuma and when my birth certificate arrives, we'll be taking a trip to Algodones.

Not many photos taken but here are a couple of the ground squirrels and some bird who liked to sit on top of my satellite dome and chirp.

And here are some nice sunset photos taken a few nights ago...before the full moon and eclipse that I MISSED! Grrrrr.....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the comments on our website. We appreciate all of our friends who keep our son in their thoughts and prayers. Hope you are having fun in spite of the "allergies".

    Hugs............Pat (and Mike)

  2. Aren't mechanical things fun? I have now been sitting on the phone with Verizon Wireless for an hour, talking with two different people but most of the time on hold. I am going to cancel my data account as I really don't use it. The signal strength isn't strong enough here at home to use it (I don't need it anyway here as I connect through our DSL via WiFi while at home)so I am trying to get the early cancellation charge waived.

  3. FD,

    Do you have your clutch handle adusted properly? You should have between 1/2 to an inch of freeplay from the handle being all the way out to where the clutch begins to release (disengage), you know you feel the pull get harder.

    If you have too much free play, you cannot disengage the clutch all the way, casuing symptoms like you have. You can adjust the free play at the cable end where it goes into the clutch lever handle by spinning the little adjustment wheel right at the end of the cable.

    It may not be your problem, but it is an easy check. Of course, you probably know this already, being a well traveled biker.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. Safe travels!

    Paul D (Old Snipe)


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