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Friday, February 8, 2008

Shhh, quiet....maybe no one will hear me sneak in and I can get a couple of blogs posted before they notice! Yes, I'm way behind and that means some neat things have already escaped from my swiss cheese brain. Sorry....that's what happens when two forces collide - no Verizon aircard reception and having a good time!

The trip from Quartzsite to Ajo was uneventful. A stop at the Super Wal-Mart in Buckeye where we stocked up on food & other stuff and a stop at Holt's Shell in Gila Bend where got gas, fresh water and dumped our tanks. We pulled into the boondocking area outside Ajo about 3:30 pm. Once we figured where I should park for the best sun, I did a few little things to fix what had bounced once too many times coming in on the washboard roads and headed over to the 4:00 pm social hour. Poor Doug paid the penance of living in a trailer...much more set up work (did I mention how happy I am with my motorhome?).

The next couple of days followed a nice routine...running around town seeing the sites (and predictably forgetting my camera which I really missed when we saw a beautiful rainbow). A nice walk in the desert terrain produced the first non-sunrise/sunset photos. I even took one of the first wildlife I encountered in the desert'll have to look close. We walked up a wide wash, easily envisioning it filled with rushing water in flash flood.

We got back in time for me to nab some good sunset shots showing the sun's red-gold reflection on everything around us. To the south it looked like it was raining and that made the golden glow even more precious.

It's been really cold at night, as low as 30-31 several nights. My heater has gotten a work out and it's working well. The days are sunny and sometimes brisk, especially after 4:00 when the sun starts down.

I heard from a friend who lives in Quartzsite that the winds there took down part of the big tent on top of the classic car show....she wrote me this on the 3rd:

"Both of the ends went down but the main section is still standing, and being yanked out of the ground. Everybody was evacuated before the ends went. All of the little tents on the north side are down though. The tent company that erected it are on their way to help get it tied down again so the cars from the Cruise In can be taken out. Hopefully none of the vehicles were damaged bad."

"The other that went... we were making the loop thru town, and right in front of us a vendor tent just picked up, went upside down and landed on top of a "really nice" pickup truck. Abut 50 people just came out of the woodwork to help those folks. IT was really great to see. I'm pretty sure that every vendor in a tent now has been shut down. The wind is outta the south, and it's just not pretty."

EEEEK! Sure am glad I moved a little further south.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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