Quick note from Ajo, AZ

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just a quick note...my Internet access is limited to "borrowed" satellite access but wanted to let everyone know I have left Quartzsite (on Friday) and am now boondocking outside Ajo, AZ. My phone seems to work most of the time (sometimes it goes to voicemail and I never hear it ring but I eventually get the message). Here are a few shots from the drive out of Q to Ajo.

The area has its own beauty, I hope it warms up a bit so I can do a little riding around the area. Right now it doesn't look real promising...yesterday would have been very nice but Doug is fighting a cold and really feeling under the weather. He got his bike unloaded but needs a new spark plug for it to run right.

Here are some shots out my front door - in one you can see the town of Ajo in the distance.

These were taken about 5pm as the weather to the north got dark and the wind started up.

And here are some of the spectacular sunset last night!

I move to the Ajo Heights RV Park on Wednesday and should have Wi-Fi and will do a more thorough update then. I have gotten a lot of blog comments about my solar setup and will do a blog with replies later. Right now the solar is doing wonderful, I'm enjoying the company and the area and just generally having too much fun!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I've never been down to Ajo. Maybe someday. In the meantime it is fun to see these areas through your blog.

  2. Dang!...From the pics, yer just about a good stones throw away from where ol' Wanderwolf is parked! Looking forward to meeting you when ya get that "last" little distance into Ajo!...lol...
    Boy, that wind sure did blow hard...and cold today, didn't it?

    There's a NAPA store just next door to this ol' RV Park, by the way, where Doug can probably find that spark plug he needs.

    I'm going to be real interested in checking out your Solar Setup, Donna...and "picking yer brain" about it, as well...lol...seems ya went and installed my "dream setup" there, girl!


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