Stu and Lin: Lin's Surgery

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lin's Surgery
Feb 13, 2008

Whew!! Lin is out of surgery. She went in the St Luke’s Hospital, Houston at 5:30AM Wednesday morning. The actual surgery started at 9:20. She came out of the OR after midnight. 80 to 85% of the tumor was removed. All nerve conductions are intact and all blood circulation was maintained. She has every reason for a full recovery. However, 14 hours of surgery is a lot for a body to take, so the next day or so will be a lot of wait and see. Thursday morning she will have a CAT scan to determine what remaining tumor there is. The doctor can then determine the next step. Stu and Bev were able to see Lin in the ICU, she was still sedated but moving all her extremities and connected to every sort of monitor you could imagine. For now we will let nature takes it’s course and Bev and Stu will get some rest.

God bless Dr. Pribil and the staff at St Luke’s.



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