The sun is back!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I made it out of the fairgrounds around 10 am was still somewhat overcast and gray but at least it wasn't raining. HUGE thanks to Nick Russell, Terry Simpson and my gentlemen neighbors on both sides (sorry that I don't remember your names). I had pulled the rig forward so the trailer ramp had enough dry space to load the bike. Then I unloaded the trailer putting everything about 10 feet away on a dry patch of dirt and the guys loaded up the bike.

Picture my little trailer with three guys inside, plus my bike. LOL! Wish I had caught a photo. Unfortunately the transmission was fighting going into gear so I got out one of my small chocks to put behind the rear wheel. I did the tie-downs (YAY!! Okay, did ask for help on one strap since my angle was wrong and I was trying to be expedient...)

Then they all pitched in to help load all the stuff back into the trailer. There was much more than normal since I had a crate and tall wastebasket filled with yard sale stuff that hadn't sold as well as two small folding tables that had gotten tossed in during the bad weather.

I wasn't real clear about where the correct road was to get out of the fairground so I proceeded very carefully. Nick had told me about the motorhome that was being pulled out of the mud since he tried to plow through a large puddle. I ended up taking a roundabout path and believe it or not, almost got stuck myself. I could feel my wheels slipping so I held the steering wheel straight, didn't brake or give it gas and talked very encouragingly to the Lilypad....and we made it. Phew!

The route to Tucson was easy...east on 287, south on 87 to south on I-10. A breeze! At the interchange for 287 to 87, there was no traffic and I decided to pull over to rescue my stick-on thermometer (I've already lost one that way). Good thing I did...remember when I pulled out the chock for the bike? Since I was hurrying (not a good thing as you all know), I hadn't closed or locked the bin. Normally if it's closed (latch turned), then it's secure enough to travel. Well I hadn't done either...sigh...

Back on the road, the sun started shining and the rest of the trip was uneventful. I could see the snow on the mountains around Tucson but knew it wouldn't last too long as the day quickly warmed up. I met up with Doug, who was driving in from Ajo, at the Tucson Truck Terminal. We had lunch and then I proceeded to follow him to the Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson.

We breezed through the visitor center registration, well I do think the clerk was a little overwhelmed with my three registrations & insurance cards...LOL!) and then hit the FAMCAMP registration. We planned on being in the boondocking area where we would have more room so a quick stop for a dump & fresh water and we quickly found our spots & settled in. We do have a nice view of the mountains...if you ignore all the utility poles.

We'll be here at least a week while Doug gets his truck, trailer and motorcycle all serviced as well as attending to doctor appointments and getting his taxes done. I will be working on the Escapee SOLOs BOF newsletter, which is way overdue, and getting my passport application started. So don't expect many blogs this week...LOL! From here we will head to Yuma for more desert boondocking.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. It looks good and you are or will be in two of my favorite towns- Yuma and Tucson. I do wish we had made it down there this winter but we did get the new sunroom pretty much finished which wouldn't have happened if we were not here and just tonight I bought a new extreme wide angle lens for my camera (ordered it from New York.)


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