Stu and Lin: The saga continues

Monday, February 18, 2008

The saga continues
Feb 18, 2008

Lin is still not awake. The Doctors have said that brain swelling maximizes at 4 to 7 days post-op. She is now on the 5th day. We all hope that her brain swelling will begin to subside and she will wake up in the next few days. All of her vitals are within acceptable limits with a few exceptions. Her platelets are on the low side and this just aggravates things. Appropriate medications have been adjusted to address this. I plan on donating platelets as soon as I can, if not for Lin then for somebody and to please the gods of healing. The doctor’s most serious concern is Lin’s lungs; they are not performing as well as needed for optimal healing. While the gross numbers are on the low side of acceptable, it remains a serious concern. She is on a bed that shifts from side to side to minimize the collection of secretions in any one place, allowing for Lin to cough some of it out as well as facilitating suctioning. Lin is getting nourishment through a nasal gastric tube and much to our surprise, she has gas. We know that part works.

Bev and I continue to remain optimistic. She is staying with me until Thursday. It has been a lot harder then we first thought. The really important things about Lin remain intact. We have a long road ahead and intend to meet those challenges with resolve and humor. I believe we will prevail with the help of our maker and the support of all our friends.



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