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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Latest Info on Lin
Feb 16, 2008

Lin did not have the best day today. Dr Pribil (the neurosurgeon) thought it best to operate to remove a hematoma (clot) from the area of tumor removal. The procedure went well and he was pleased with the lack of any excessive pressure. All the structures appeared very well perfused (getting blood). However, her blood gases showed some lower oxygen levels that concerned Dr. Pribil. The ICU staff made some adjustments and improved the situation. The greatest concern now is Lin is not awake. She is not on any sedation; her brain is just not ready to wake. She has always been a late sleeper and those of you that know her, know she does things on her schedule!!! So be it. I have come to realize that she is in one of the best medical centers in the country and will recover at her pace in spite of what we may desire. Now that the hematoma is out and all of the various parameters are being addressed, the part of her brain that is “sleeping” will heal and she will wake when that section is healed enough.

If you feel so inclined send me your emails and I will save them for Lin to read when she is able. Bev continues to stay with me and we have been holding each other up throughout this. She remains part of my strength. She does not plan to leave until she can “talk to my Mama”. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and comments. I look at them all from time to time and they help greatly. From a fatigued Houston TX we say THANK YOU.



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