I'm cold, I'm wet.....

Friday, February 15, 2008

...but at least I'm not hungry! LOL! The weather turned last night...no snow here but it started raining lightly after 10 pm and pretty steadily after 1 am. I woke several times during the night hoping it wouldn't flood too badly....at times it was raining really hard.

Glad I have the flexibility of staying an extra day...walking in this mud is like walking in fresh snot (sorry for the graphic images that might bring to mind). And we have to push my motorcycle around and into my trailer AND I have to pull everything (4 rolling duffles/suitcases & assorted other storage items) outside and set them in the mud. Hoping it will dry out a little today but not sure that's going to happen. It was 48 at 8 am when I got up, now at almost 2 pm it's all the way up to 52...wow, a heat wave. I did see the sun...once...for about 6 seconds.

The rain still hasn't completely stopped but at least it's just spitting now. I'm hoping that the dry spot left where the motorhome next door pulled out will stay dry enough for me to use as a staging area for the bags. Of course as I type this, it's started to rain harder. Sigh...

Here are some before & after shots to give you a flavor of what I woke up to....the muddy ones were taken out my living room window and from my front door. I didn't want to venture out any further than necessary....LOL!

And here is a shot of my neighbor Mike and his first-class rain boots, errrr, bags... I saw several folks wearing the fashion statements....what the heck, it works! I just wore my oldest pair of nasty slip-on sneakers and tried to leave the mud on the bottom incoming step.

Now take a peek at the final shot I took earlier....isn't that a perfect backdrop for day dreaming on a cloudy day...

And another with Nick, the rally founder and editor of the Gypsy Journal along with his wonderful wife Terry, enjoying a few minutes on his motorcycle while chatting with Carey (Escapees Class of 2007 & fellow Boondocker & SOLO).

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. It gets wet in a hurry in the desert when it rains but it also usually dries out pretty quickly when the rain stops. Just don't camp in any low spots!

  2. Why did you have to put your bike in the trailer? Just curious wandering mind...
    Go to Walmart and get yourself some rubber boots... great against snake bites also... you will need them...
    Be well... back to ATL in just 4 days... then on to Moab... can you say "Moab"???
    Be well my friend...
    Ara & Spirit

  3. Yuck! What a mess! I've had to hitch up on some wet mornings, but nothing that muddy. Good news -- it will dry eventually!


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