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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time definitely flies when you're having fun. I have met so many wonderful folks here at the rally...some I've met before and we've renewed our friendship and gotten each other caught up to date. Others I've exchanged emails with but this was our first meeting. Another group are the new friends...the ones who have read my blog but never contacted me, the ones I sat next to and chatted with only to discover how much we have in common. I've even met folks from two years ago, folks who have followed my blog and to my surprise, folks who were on my "Want To Meet" list, not realizing that we had actually already met (did that make any sense? LOL!)

One of the most recent visitors were Dan & Teri Gregg. They are in the process of gutting & refitting a 1970's vintage GMC Motorhome. I have been avidly following their blog and and was excited about meeting them. Believe it or not, they drove 200 miles to visit one day and then 200 back home. Wow! Great folks...

I've attended several classes and have a couple more tomorrow. I've had a yard sale and sold several things. I've gotten my name airbrushed on my folding chairs. My motorcycle now sports some spiffy new pinstriping. My stomach is full from pizza night and it hurts from laughing so hard at tonight's Miss Cactus Beauty Queen Contest (you've never seen "queens" like these guys...errr, gals - hopefully someone else will have some decent photos, none of mine turned out). E C H O.... The vendor layout is good (and believe me, I've checked them out several times) and the variety perfect.

Yes, I did make one more major purchase. Tires have been a problem for me, tire pressure that is, so I opted to get the Pressure Pro system from the vendors here - Mike & Pat McFall. Mike came over and helped me install the system. It consists of a monitor panel with a wireless antenna that runs off a 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet and a special valve stem cap that transmits the tire pressure back to the receiver. If the tire pressure gets too low, an alarm will sound and the panel will show which tire is at fault.

Imagine our surprise when the FIRST TIRE we tried, front driver side, was at 28 pounds. It had been at 70-75 the previous morning when I checked it before leaving Ajo for Casa Grande. We double-checked it with Mike's tire gauge....yup, 28 pounds. So after getting all the transmitters mounted, I dug out my handy dandy air compressor and brought the tire up to 55 pounds....this has held since Monday morning so tomorrow I'll bring it up where it should be. Strange....but one good thing came out of it. Seems like my tire gauge is reading about 5 pounds too low....good to know!

The highlight of my day was after the pizza party when a lady came up to me and told me she had something for me. Then she told me it was from Judie Ashford and she proceeded to give me a huge hug. She had only met Judie a month or two ago. I have never met Judie but we have emailed for over 10 years. Back when my husband and I were first starting in RVing, she was my first mentor. The hug brought tears to my eyes...the friendships we make as RVers are often some of the strongest, even though we never know when our paths will cross again.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Wish it could have been an "in-person" hug!!! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Hi, Donna. I am the lady who delivered Judy's hug to you last night. I, too, read your blog... and was so happy I had found you when I read of how it touched you. Judie has my email address if you would like to correspond.

    Safe travels,

  3. I also have had the pleasure of knowing Judie and Gary and in fact spent time together in Eugene and in my town of Mt. Vernon. Stay in touch with them and do try to meet while you and they are all in Arizona.

    I also know Laurie & Odel, from Spring Escapade 2004 and from meeting for burgers at the Conway Bar & Grill near my home. Isn't it neat that RVers seem to be among the best folks that you could hope to meet?


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