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Friday, February 15, 2008

I can't believe how quickly the last five days have passed. I arrived here in Casa Grande on Sunday and I'm scheduled to leave tomorrow (although the weather may delay me one day, time will tell).

These have been five awesome days full of education, information, socialization, smiles, hugs, all liberally mixed with lots of laughter. It will be very hard to leave but I know I will see many of these folks on the road as I travel.

I can't begin to remember everyone I met...I'm terrible with names...but here are a few (thank goodness we exchanged cards!)...please, no one feel left out if you're not mentioned...just too many good folks!

I mentioned the couple that stopped me the other day to re-introduce themselves. We had met at a 2006 RV Life on Wheels conference in Bowling Green - Doug & JoAnn (and their standard poodle, Fillmore). We both planned on full-timing as soon as possible. Well, we both ended up delaying a year - me due to the house not selling and them due to health issues. They asked about joining the Class of 2007 so now they're "classmates".

Another couple I enjoyed meeting was John & Judy. They stopped by to admire my BMW with John taking photos of the pinstriping. We chatted several times about riding. John was interested in getting a BMW similar to mine and possibly one for his wife as well. Wonderful folks and I look forward to hearing from them in the future and getting updates on what they decide.

Mike, who is parked across from me, has been a wonderful neighbor. He helped me get the bike unloaded on Sunday. His wife is active duty (thank you Cindy!) and he is retired, traveling part-time. I've invited him to join in a Boondocker Rendezvous so I hope to see him down the road.

Yesterday I finally met Lynne who has a neat blog. She's an extremely talented and interesting lady, a free spirit in the best tradition. I'd love to be more like her when I grow up but admit I know my limitations - creativity is NOT my forte. LOL!

Today I met Jim & Betty who were here as vendors. Jim stopped by to talk to Ron, who I was sitting with as I got coffee. He mentioned that his wife wanted to meet me and I told him I would stop by later. I passed by several times but they were out, probably enjoying the wonderful seminars. I managed to catch up with them by late afternoon. We discovered several folks that we both knew. They are charter members of the Boomers, there from the beginning. (Note, the Boomers & the Boondockers as well as the Class of 2007 and SOLOs are are sub-groups of the Escapees - if anyone is NOT an Escapee and is thinking about joining, drop me a note.) Just goes to prove what a small world it is...

There were so many more....and more instances of small world coincidences. Turns out my friends Brenda & Roger, who arrived late but in time to enjoy most things, have camped with several of the Boondockers I have recently met. I've met folks from a small town in NH, just around the corner from where I lived during high school. I've read blogs while here only to discover that the bloggers were here as vendors. Connections....6 degrees of association at its best. I plan to make this rally an annual event...and I highly recommend it to everyone. Nick & Terry are VERY special folks and I'm proud to be able to call them friends!

No photos today....rain, sleet, snow in the fact it's raining as I write this. I hope the fairground doesn't become too much of a muddy mess but I suspect that may happen...may hang around until Saturday...gee, it's almost as hard to close this blog (and thus my notes on the rally) as it is to leave!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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