Welcome to our new blog home!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome to our new blog home! We've combined all our blogs except "Retired in Cuenca" into THIS ONE for several reasons.
  1. KISS - Keep It Super Simple
    It's much easier on us (okay, ME) to maintain one blog for all interests. But because our time in Cuenca is so different, we will keep that separate - for now.
  2. Easier on the readers (YOU) to only have one blog to check for updates.
  3. Our full-time RVing has come to an end. We will continue to RV part-time (winters in FL or AZ) once we come back from Ecuador but that won't be a major part of our lifestyle.
  4. All our passions and history in one spot. First there was our RV blog, then Sadie's blog, followed by Route 66 and our property in Tennessee. ALL those posts are now here under one umbrella!
  5. I will post an a general update once in a while from Ecuador - as well as life in general ramblings and anything I think you might find interesting (like publishing a new book?).

We hope you will continue to follow us, first on our Route 66 trip in September and October, then as we prepare to move to Cuenca, Ecuador. We anticipate coming back to the US next fall and visit our families.

Now we need to figure out a new tagline....anyone got a suggestion?


  1. Bittersweet! I think combining them is a great idea -- don't stop blogging!

  2. So glad to be able to follow along and I too have been thinking of merging my two blogs into one...I am only one person right :)

    Would love to know how to go about merging them all into one blog. I use blogspot.com guess I will have to do some searching. Thanks for the push to merge...merge...merge :)

  3. Ali, will send you the instructions!

    ZoeAnn, we'd kept them separate so readers weren't turned off by things they weren't interested in. Now just seemed like the right time to merge them.


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