Signs of the rains....

Friday, August 23, 2013

Snapped this photo with my phone while walking our street yesterday. It has rained a lot in the last couple of weeks, that's why there hasn't been any news on our RV pavilion. The build is currently scheduled for Tuesday, September 3rd. They believe they can do it in one day - we'll see. We plan to leave for Route 66 before Friday of that week.


  1. Have you given any thought to keeping the birds out from the new RV shelter? Otherwise your trailer and truck will be a big mess of doo doo.. One couple I read their blog uses Christmas rope lights running 24/7... Seems to keep the critters flying on.. Wrapped them around the rafters...

  2. Looking forward to seeing your Route 66 blog posts and pictures. That trip is near the top of my Bucket List.

  3. Rod, Stu plans to put up some owls...hoping they work!

    Jill, thanks. We're getting excited!!


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