Three Pupkateers and a little rain must fall!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sadie has been having a blast with our neighbor's dogs, but especially her BFF, Keta. Here are two of my favorite photos from when she was a puppy playing with Keta.

Recently a little stray pup, looks like a Chi-Weenie, has been hanging around. At first we thought he was from a neighboring house but over the last two weeks he has started hanging here (and the neighbor's) round the clock. He won't let you approach but now will come close (with the other dogs) if you ignore him. We've named him Snausage. I snapped some photos of the three of them playing today...they are almost inseparable!

I've been working on editing my book and Stu has been busy putting gutters on the shed, and a bunch of other small chores. His To Do list is shrinking!


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