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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Finally, we are going to do it! Ride all, well as much as we can, of Route 66. We plan to leave around September first and MUST be home by November first. I'm really hoping we can keep the trip leisurely and make it home around mid-October but time will tell.

Stu went on a three week trip, parts of it with friends, and did some camping to test out our gear. He plans to write a post in here about what worked, what didn't and what he plans to change. One change from our original plans is bringing Sadie, our pup. We're not, for several reasons. She will be staying with our neighbors and their dogs - she spends every day with them now, her pack is both families and all the dogs. LOL!

He is also responsible for all the route planning. We will head to Chicago from our home base in Jamestown, TN. We will take our time, sight-see anything that piques our interest, even some things that might be slightly off our route.

When we're done, we'll be in Santa Monica, CA. From there we'll take the Pacific Coast Highway and head north to visit Yosemite National Park, the only major NP on our bucket list. I've never seen it and Stu saw it when he was a kid.

After that we will meander back to TN via a weather-dictated route. We do hope to see some friends along the way but won't be able to spend more than an overnight or possibly even just a meal.

Keep watching! Time is getting close....

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  1. Ooo, very excited! Been waiting for this trip and the history behind it. Stay safe and enjoy yourselves!! :)

    Cheers! ~M


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