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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Not much for exciting news as we sit here at our homebase in TN. Sadie has adopted our neighbors as part of her pack and spends almost every waking moments over there with their dogs. That's a good thing! she comes home around 8-9 at night, totally exhausted.

Stu is working to get us ready for our Route 66 motorcycle trip and I'm working on the paperwork for our move to Ecuador.

My other priority has been getting the first draft of Barely a Spark written, book two in my Klondike Mystery Series. I'll hopefully get it through the first edit in the next week or so, then on to my proofreaders and a final version to my beta readers. My plan is to get it published before we leave on our Route 66 trip around September first. The print version will take longer.

The weather has been nice, highs in the 80's and low's in the mid 60's or cooler. We've been sleeping with the windows open most nights. A little rain now and then, just enough to keep the farmers happy.


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